Scam Emails - Frauds, Fake Deals and Miscellaneous Scams

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Miscellaneous Scams: No classifications - It's hard to figure out WHAT the scam of these gibberishy emails is supposed to be!

Below are links to sample actual emails of a variety of business scams, along with how to recognize the scam and report them. These are generally of a type called "The Advance Fee Fraud (AFF)" email is also known as "419" after the section of the Nigerian penal law that deals with this type of fraud.

How to Recognize a Oddball Scam

Let's look at some actual emails people received and see how we can spot that they are scams. In general, notice the awesome amount of misspellings, poor grammar and run-on sentences.  Even if they weren't scams, would you trust money with someone who writes like that?

  1. Invest in PRFC and watch your portfolio at least quadruple. If you're tired of playing the market for mediocre gains then you should read on. I'm Mike Statler
  2. "Urgent Report" - "Hello <Your Email ID> I know you were expecting to hear back from me much earlier but I didn't want to get back to you empty-handed. I finally found the perfect stock for you and I am confident that it will make you some serious profit"?
  3. "Market Report" - "Hello <Your Email ID> I know you were expecting to hear back from me much earlier but I didn't want to get back to you empty-handed. I finally found the perfect stock for you and I am confident that it will make you some serious profit"?
  4. "GOOD DAY !!! RELEASING OF YOUR ATM VISA CARD. I have been waiting for you since to contact me for your Cash Fund of $"
  5. "David Epsteine" - Her name is Sarah she's an infant age 14 month Her parents and family were civilians killed in the same gas explosion fire that burned Sarah." "My name is David Epsteine, I am an attorney, and a businessman, I deal in the importation and exportation of foodstuff, medical supplies and many other things"
  6. Miranda Lola Johnson, Sarah Baptiste, I`ll want you to cash the cashier check,remove your asking price and forward the rest to the shipper,from which they will arrange for the pick up
  7. the National Security warehouse, Nigeria, Mr.Kally Maurius, Mr. Mandy Peter
  8. Diana Lee (Mrs), JOE MARTINS
    Chevron Texaco Oil and Gas Company, Good day to You and Compliment Of the Season
  9. VICTORY LAW CHAMBERS, Mrs. Selma Ward, "Compensation Check"
  10. Presidential Library & Museum,  Mrs. Mariam Reuter, Dr Robert Hook, "Be informed"
  11. Mr John Omar" at "Advent Trust Bank", claiming that he has found a "dormant account", from a dead client, Jurgen Krugger, and to contact Mr. Peter Howard.
  12. Chevron Texaco Oil and Gas Company - Diana Lee (Mrs) / JOE MARTINS -
  13. SHELL Oil & Petroleum,  Roberts Brown, "if you consider it necessary to work with us and will not term this as a scam, then I wish to have your response immediately"
  14. Mrs. Rose Hills, British Prime Minister in conjunction with U.S.A GOVERNMENT,WORLD BANK,UNITED NATION ORGANIZATION, do hereby give this irrevocable approval order with Release Code: GNC/3480/02/00 in your favor for your contract entitlement/award winning payment with the UNITED NATION to your nominated bank account , Mr. Ray Carmon
  15. Dr. George James, Mr. Michael Larry, "Compliment Of The Season
  16. Mr. Michael Osa, CBN, After a serious thought, I decided to reach you directly and personally' because I do not have anything against you, but your partners
  17. The Russian Foundation for Basic Research (, Mr.Vikki Malcom, Mr.Brian Millavic
  18. An "unfinished transaction" with James Grant, Mr. Prosper Efe or Mr. Fred Efe or MR. MARK DAVES or Fred Hills or Mr. Fred Taylor and "fedex delivery company"
    This arrangement was initiated/constituted by the World Bank and Paris Club, due to fruadelent activities going on within the African Region, and from Master Express Credit Card
  21. MR.SAM BROWN of FedEx Courier Service in Nigeria, MELFAH UGO, "your parcel is still in our possession, this parcel contained an International Cashier Bank Draft/Cheque worth the sum of $2 Million dollars only and it is ready for delivery to your door step."
  22. Donald Moore, Mr Eric Moore - Due to your effort, sincerity, courage trustworthiness you showed at the course of the transaction.I want to compensate you and show my gratitude to you with the sum of $750,000.00 Thousand United State Of America Dollars
  23. Mrs.Rita Jones, Mr.Jacob Wilson - THE FEDEX COURIER COMPANY
  24. Capt. James C. Williams, United Nations - "DR. TED MOORE head of review, World Debt Reconciliation"
  25. Ban ki Moon, the secretary general of the United Nations, tells you to contact Mr. Lawson Brown of Lloyds TSB Bank PLC, ... for your Cheque/ International Bank Draft of USD$ 100,000.
  26. Tony Elumelu - ATM SWIFT CARD
  27. Dankwambo H. I,
  28. David Mark, Senate President, FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA, COMMITTEE ON FOREIGN PAYMENT, also Linda Hill,
  29. Chris Jones at Airways Delivery Agency, Frank Williams , contact
  31. Mr. Silvio Berlusconi, Former Italian Prime Minister - he needs to you create an offshore account that will accommodate his money
  32. Bernard Abbah and Paul Williams
  33. Engr. Boubacar Arouna - I have gone through your profile and convinced that you can assist me
  34. "a Captain of the US Marine Corps", on Monitoring and Peace 'keeping mission in Baghdad-Iraq
  35. Major Dan Frank, an American soldier in peace keeping force in Iraq
  36. Mr.Ike Laja - "My Dear, This is to thank you for your effort.I understand that your hands were tied.Not to worry. I have succeeded,the money has been transfered..."
  37. Robert Miscannon, +234 8060996261, "This letter will serve as your notification that FEDEX COURIER will unconditionally, irrevocably honor and guarantee the return..."
  38. Song Lile, Hang Seng Bank, Hong Kong, Colonel Sadiq Uday in Iraq
  39. Urgent Order - "I will like to purchase some product from you to my own company in lagos Nigeria"


For a comprehensive list of national and international agencies to report scams, see this page.