Scam Money Transfers: Mr. James Mackintosh, London Scottish Bank Plc.

Scam Money Transfers - Banks, Bank Managers
Example - Mr. James Mackintosh, London Scottish Bank Plc.

Have you received an email from a bank official, "Mr. James Mackintosh" at "London Scottish Bank Plc.", claiming that he has found a "dormant account" or money from a deceased customer with no next of kin, or no will, and he needs you, a foreigner to help him take the money, to keep it from being turned over to the bank or government?

It is a scam. Even if it weren't a scam, it would be a felony, fraud and theft. But it is all nonsense, a scam made up to get money from you. See the example below, an actual email from the scammer, sent to a victim.

The scammer intends to to get hold of your money instead, by conning you into sending money for various "fees" to free the "funds in escrow".  If you would like a step by step explanation of how this type of "Advance Fee Fraud" works, click here! Note some of the obvious scam clues that we have highlighted in the email below, such as excessive/incorrect use of CAPITAL letters, terrible spelling, grammar and punctuation, the use of free email accounts rather than a domain and website that matches the company's name, etc.

Scam email:


Attn: Sir/Madam ,

CC: Mrs. Rita Petrov

Date: 28-03-2008.

This is to inform you of the new development regarding the Transfer of late Dr. Yuri Petrov Account No. 01485988401 with our Bank to your Nominated bank account you operate in your country. Sequel to absence of Next Of kin and Inability for Mrs. Rita Petrov who is the original next of kin and legitimate Wife to the Original Account Holder to appear for a claim of the Account, A notice has been issued to my office today for the subjected Account to be confiscated so that it can be declared the United Kingdom Treasury Account and the United Nation Resort since the Account still remains dormant.

Mrs. Rita Petrov has been contacted accordingly to and she explained to me of her recent health situation which has rendered her unable to meet the transfer requirement which the next of kin or any who apply for the claim of account needs to fulfill before the Account can be transferred to him or her. She has therefore instructed me to contact you to transfer the required Activation Deposit of $1,820.00 USD for the Activation of the Account to make it Activated so that transfer can be affected to your Nominated bank account your operate in your country. I also hereby inform you that I understand the situation of things and give this assurance on behalf of my great bank that this transaction is 100% risk free and planned under a conducive business atmosphere while I am serving to this bank as a reputable and well respected staff who has been working with the bank for the past twelve years And also an Elder in my the Church where i worship.

I attached here a Scanned Copy of my staff Identity strictly for your own acknowledgement so that you have an idea of who you are dealing with which I request you to keep from this party for security reasons and be advised to fill out our Application correctly with the required information and return to us immediately with the refundable fee of $1,820.00 USD charged for Activation so that we can commence on the transfer processing immediately.

We await your Swift response and be rest assured of total Cooperation Upon your meeting our Banking requirement. Very importantly, I want you to understand that I am a reputable and well respected Staff and do not want my dealing you to disgrace my reputable dignity while we are waiting to receive the Application form being filled our correctly with the required information and the Activation fee of $1,820.00 USD.

Yours Faithfully,

Mr. James Mackintosh

Director, Int'l Remittance Department.

London Scottish Bank Plc.

©London Scottish Bank plc registered office:

London Scottish Bank plc registered office: London Scottish House, Mount Street , Manchester M2 3LS . Registered number: 973008 England . VAT number: 305 2620 03. Email: Members of the Finance and Leasing Association (membership number 6844) and the British Bankers Association.



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