List of Scam Schools, Diploma Mills and Schools

List of Scam Schools - Beware the Scams

The following list of scam diploma mills should help you quickly identify schools that you either definitely do not want to deal with, or often could find a fully accredited alternative.

This list is derived from several sources, to provide one comprehensive list. 

You may want to see our overview page and our tips on recognizing scam schools, first.

The sources for the list below include the Oregon Office of Degree Accreditation (ODA) list to help identify those degree suppliers that do not meet the requirements of Oregon's standards (ORS 348.609(1)) which are considered to be one of the few comprehensive lists of carefully screened schools and Wikipedia's list. The Oregon standard defines accreditation to include only those accreditors recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. Most public employment, professional licensure, teaching, admission into a graduate school and degree use in other areas requires a degree from an accredited school. Any employer may impose such a requirement on job applicants or employees if a degree is required for employment. The State of Oregon requires accredited degrees for state employment. A list of accredited schools is maintained by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation.

Keep in mind that no list can be all-inclusive and new schools (and scams) appear every day, and many schools correct problems that get them on a list. The list contains degree suppliers that may not now exist, may never have existed, exist only as unregulated businesses, operate under exemptions in state laws or operate with state approval outside Oregon. And some schools clean up their acts and become legitimate!

For general information about the operations of unaccredited schools investigated by the U.S. Senate and other entities, see the following links:

Unaccredited schools

All schools below are considered by the state of Oregon's and other U.S. and international standards to be UNACCREDITED.  Many are scams, a few may be decent schools, but ALL are without accreditation, something most sensible people would say is a starting point to obtain a quality education and a degree that will be broadly accepted and respected. See this page for a list unaccredited schools.

Blatant Scams

Entries are those, which in addition to being unaccredited are also found to be:

  1. scams by a court of law or
  2. do not have the proper authorization to offer degrees where they are based

If you believe a school is identified as a unaccredited or as a scam in error, or you believe a school should be added to this list, please contact us, with your reasons why.

Name, Location(s), Remarks, Wikipedia footnotes, Type

  • Ambai University, Massachusetts, Has no degree-granting authority in Massachusetts.
  • American International University of Management and Technology, Hawaii, Closed by court order.
  • American University of Asturias, Spain, Closed by Spanish government., F
  • Auberdeen University, Idaho, Has no authority to issue degrees.
  • Brighton University, Missouri, Hawaii, Closed by court order.
  • Cambridge International University, Cape Town, South Africa, Does not have appropriate authorization from South Africa., F
  • Cambridge State University (in Jackson, Mississippi) ("district officials discovered the school has an extensive criminal history and is nothing more than a diploma mill.")[36], Hawaii, Mississippi, Not a state school. For State of Mississippi information:
  • Canterbury University, UK, Not associated with the legitimate New Zealand University of Canterbury nor the UK Canterbury Christ Church University or University of Kent at Canterbury., F
  • Canyon College [5][40], Idaho, Has no authority to issue degrees under Idaho law. Use of a Canyon College degree in Oregon is illegal.
  • Chelsea University, United Kingdom, Lacks authority to issue degrees in UK., F
  • Columbia Pacific University [1][4]., California, Closed by court order.
  • Columbia State University [1][4], Louisiana, Closed by court order. See also: Senate Hearing Day 1 ; Senate Hearing Day 2
  • Columbus University (Picayune, Mississippi)[27] (Closed by state action in Louisiana[6]). For State of Mississippi information:
  • Communion of Saints Seminary, Oregon [1][6], Operating illegally in Oregon, degrees invalid.
  • Concordia College and University[5][46], Virgin Islands, Spain, Dominica, Liberia, Indonesia, This name is in common use around the world. Some schools are accredited, some are unaccredited but operating legally and some do not really exist. Concordia College and University of Liberia does not meet Oregon standards for degree use, contrary to statements made in its promotional materials. It should be viewed as a degree mill., F
  • Crown College (Tacoma, Washington) (lost accreditation in 2007)[49]
  • Dublin Metropolitan University [1][4], Ireland, Does not have authority to issue Irish degrees., F
  • Earthnet Institute, Hawaii, Closed in Hawaii in 2005 by court order.
  • �cole sup�rieure Robert de Sorbon (purportedly in France, but linked to diploma mills in Sarasota, Florida) (aka American Universities Admission Program)[52][1]
  • European University of Ireland, Ireland, Does not have authority to issue Irish degrees., F
  • Firelake University, Finland, Not a Finnish college. Lacks authority to issue degrees.
  • Foundation University, The Netherlands, Does not have valid approval from the Govt of The Netherlands to issue degrees., F
  • Frederick Taylor International University, Hawaii, California, Closed by court order.
  • Glencullen University ("A phony 'Irish university' is marketing degrees internationally via the Internet. An EL reporter in the US, posing as a prospective student, has been offered an English literature degree from 'Glencullen University', without any study, for $960.")[57]
  • Glenford University, Louisiana, Closed by state action.
  • Greenwich University[60] (Operated on Norfolk Island from 1998 to 2002. Not to be confused with University of Greenwich, London, England), Formerly Hawaii, Norfolk Island, California., Closed by Australian govt.. See also
    Information on Legality of Australian Colleges
  • Hawaii American University, Hawaii, Closed by court order.
  • Heed University, Wisconsin, Florida, Caribbean
  • Institute of Global Education, Oregon, Has no legal authority to issue degrees or academic credit.
  • International University, Vienna, Austria, "Not recognized as a university in Austria" - Bundesministerium fur Bildung, Wissenschaft und Kultur [Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Culture], 7 March 2006., F
  • IOND University (Hawaii, Japan)[70][71][1][6] [4], Hawaii, Japan, Philippines, Unaccredited. No evidence of legal authority to issue degrees valid in Japan. Considered a diploma mill by Japanese experts. No evidence of legal authority to issue degrees valid in Philippines. Claim of affiliation with University of Lodz in Poland is denied by U. of Lodz.
  • Irish International University[72][4][73], Malaysia, Switzerland, The Irish government has requested that Malaysia close this entity on grounds that it is neither Irish nor a university. It has obtained a business license in a Swiss canton, but is not a Swiss university., F
  • Ivory Carlson University, Minnesota, Degree mill operating without approval in Minnesota, apparently based in India.
  • Kensington University[75][76], Hawaii, California, Closed by court order.
  • Kingston College (British Columbia) (illegal operation closed down October 4, 2006)[56]; not to be confused with Kingston College (England) in Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, England
  • Knightsbridge University[1], Denmark, Does not have appropriate legal authority to issue degrees in Denmark., F
  • Lacrosse University[5][27][77] [4][8], Mississippi, Closed by state action in Louisiana, relocated to Mississippi. For State of Mississippi information:
  • Landegg International University, Switzerland, Lacks appropriate authority to issue degrees.
  • Lansbridge University - BC[56], British Columbia, Closed by court order.
  • LaSalle University, Louisiana, Closed by court action. No connection to legitimate LaSalle of Pennsylvania.
  • Lincoln International University, Inc., Hawaii, Closed by court order.
  • Monterrey Institute for Graduate Studies, Texas, This entity claimed to be a branch of a Mexican institution with authority to operate in the U.S., but in fact did not have that authority and had no free-standing degree authority from Mexico. Appears to be closed.
  • Monticello University [85][86]/Thomas Jefferson University, Kansas, Hawaii, Closed by court order. See also furtherinformation.html
  • Nation University, Hawaii, Closed by court order.
  • Newton University, Vancouver BC, Hawaii, Closed by court order.
  • Northwestern International University, Ltd., Cyprus/Denmark, Has no recognized degree authority from Cyprus or Denmark., F
  • Oxford International University, Great Britain, No connection to legitimate Oxford University in Great Britain., F
  • Pacific Southern University [92], Hawaii, Closed by court order.
  • Pickering University, Hawaii, Closed by court order.
  • Prescott College of Business and Leadership Studies, Hawaii, Closed by court order.
  • Rutherford University ((previously known as Senior University and Stratford International University)[56], Wyoming, British Columbia, Swaziland, Never had authority to issue valid degrees in British Columbia. May be relocating to Alabama. Formerly labeled Stratford International University.
  • San Francisco International University, California, Has no legal authority to issue degrees in California.
  • Scarsdale University, California, UK, Does not have authority to issue degrees in California or the UK.
  • Solsbury University, Ontario, Canada, According to the Ontario government, "Solsbury University does not have the authority to offer degrees, programs leading to a degree or to call itself a university in Ontario.", F
  • Southern Pacific University, Malaysia, Hawaii, Closed by court order in Hawaii. Apparently now operating in Malaysia., F
  • St. Clements University[5][4] (Called a "degree mill" by the State of Maine[100], but removed from list after a formal action taken by St. Clements University.[6] ), Great Britain, Niue, Turks and Caicos Islands, various African sites, New Zealand government treats Niue operation as substandard and asks that its degrees not be included in international listings., F
  • St. John's University School of Medicine[1] (Montserrat), Closed by court order., F
  • St. Luke School of Medicine, California, Ghana, Liberia, Disowned by Liberian government in 2005. Great Britain banned use of its degrees, March, 2006.
  • St. Mary's College of Medicine, Hawaii, Closed by court order.
  • St. Regis University (Dominica; Liberia; Washington D.C.; and U.S. state of Washington; closed by court order in June 2005)[6] [5][47][4] [101][8], Closed by court order, June 2005. Falsely asserted Liberian government approval. Falsely asserted Indian government approval. Note: not the same as Regis of Massachusetts or Colorado.
  • Stanton University, Hawaii, Closed by court order.
  • Success Seminary, Oregon [1], Operating illegally in Oregon, degrees invalid
  • Suffield University; operating illegally in Connecticut[4]
  • Summerset University ("Appears to be a new version of the "University Degree Program" cluster supposedly closed by UK and US action. It has no legal authority to issue degrees.")[1][4], It has no legal authority to issue degrees., F
  • Swiss European University, Switzerland, Not recognized by Swiss government.
  • Trident University of Technology, Singapore, Denied approval by Wisconsin. Was never legal in New Jersey as claimed., F
  • University Degree Program (formerly operated at least 28 different diploma mills in at least five countries)[110]
  • University of Honolulu, Hawaii, Closed by court order., Utah, Thailand & Pakistan, Notes: Office in Utah. No link to Hawaii.
  • University of Metaphysical Studies, New Mexico [1], New Mexico, Operating illegally and unlicensed in New Mexico. - New Mexico Department of Higher Education.
  • University of Palmers Green, UK, Closed by the British government., F
  • University of Advanced Research, California, Also operated in Hawaii, where its local operation has been closed by court order, see:
  • University of the Holy Land, Israel, may be operated from State of Oregon, Not recognized as a university by Israeli higher education office. Not an Oregon degree-granter.
  • University of Wexford, Great Britain, Closed by the British government., F
  • Vancouver University Worldwide[56], British Columbia, Closed by court order. Never was authorized to issue degrees by appropriate BC authority., F
  • Washington International University, Pennsylvania, Brit. Virgin Isl., Operating illegally in Pennsylvania according to PA Department of Education. WIU is forbidden to advertise or offer its programs in Australia.
  • Washington School of Theology, Oregon [1] [6], Operating illegally in Oregon, degrees invalid.
  • Westbrook University, New Mexico, New York, California, No longer licensed to issue degrees by New Mexico. Not known to be licensed in any state.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of institutions whose degrees cannot be used in Oregon or elsewhere - or must be used with restrictions. It is a list of those most recently reported.

Links to Wikipedia pages links include of colleges, seminaries, and universities lacking educational accreditation.

Degrees or other qualifications from unaccredited institutions may not be accepted by civil service or other employers. See Unaccredited institutions of higher learning for discussion of the various reasons why institutions may operate without accreditation.

Institutions that appear on this list are those that grant post-secondary degrees but are listed as unaccredited by a reliable source. Some of these institutions are no longer in operation. Several unaccredited universities have names that are similar to those of accredited institutions or that falsely imply that it is a public university.

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And please let us know about any suspicious calls or emails you receive.  We look for patterns so that we can alert the authorities and victims to new scams, before it is too late!




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