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Scam Money Transfers from Lawyers / Bankers / Barristers
Example -
Barrister Smith John
"With a wealthy dead client named, Engr Han"

Have you received an email from "Barrister Smith John", claiming that he is an attorney or banker "managing an account" for a dead wealthy man (Engr Han, in this case) who died (usually along with his whole family) and leaving no heirs.  This means our dear buddy wants YOU to pretend to be the dead guy's only living relative, so you can defraud the estate (although the scammer tells you it is "risk free"). Of course, even if there really were such a dead guy and a real account, you would be committing several felonies, including fraud.

This scammer is so stupid, he does not understand that he reversed the first and last names of his alias ("Barrister Smith John") and that "Engr" is an abbreviation for a title, not a name scammers are ignorant low-life's who just copy and mimic scams they get from other scammers.

If you are still salivating and eager to fill out the form, we can assume you are either of a criminal nature or get scammed frequently, as this is simply another fraud to separate you from your money (that is, whatever money you have left after being scammed before). See the example email below!

If you would like a step by step explanation of how this type of "Advance Fee Fraud" works, click here!

Scam email from "Barrister Smith John":

Dear Friend,

I sincerely apologize for intruding into your privacy, especially by contacting you through this means for a business transaction of this magnitude, but due to its seriousness and urgency it therefore became necessary for me to seek for your assistance. I am Barrister Smith John (Esq.), counsel to late Engr Han, a national of your country and was a seasoned contractor with oil servicing companies here in Lagos, Nigeria. He lost his life on the 12th of March, 2003 in an air/plane-crash here in Nigeria.

Before his sudden and mysterious death, he deposited the sum of Ten Million US  Dollars{US$10,000,000} with a Bank in a fixed account here in Lagos, Nigeria which I was quite aware of as all the legal proceedings was duly carried out by my humble self. After his death, almost Five years ago, i made several approaches to your embassy to locate any of his relatives so as to come and stand as the next of kin to my late client in order to have this huge sum transferred to his or her possession but all my effort proved abortive.

After several unsuccessful attempts in locating any of his relations and the latest ultimatum given to me by the Bank, mandating me to provide my late client`s next of kin within the next two weeks OR they confiscate the money, which i wouldn`t live to see it happen, hence my decision to contact you so that i can present you as the next of kin to my late client. All I demand from you is your honest co-operation so that this fund {$10 million US dollars} can be transferred into any account of your choice within the shortest time possible.

For your assistance and co-operation, I have decided to have the money shared as follows; 40% for you, 60% for me. What I introduced to you might be a smack of an unethical practice but this is a once in a lifetime opportunity that is capable of making things better for us and moreover, if I fail to present to the Bank my late client`s next of kin in the next couple of weeks, the truth is that this money would not be taken by the government but by some greedy officials of the Bank and i would not fold my arms and watch this happen hence my decision to contact you.

I also want to use to this medium to assure you that this transaction is 100% risk free and my position as the counsel to the late depositor of the fund, it has been legally planned to avoid any hitch or breach of law both during and after the transfer might have been effected to you. And also, every information that will back you up as the next of kin to my late client shall be given to you as soon as i have your consent. The following information will be required from you in your reply;

1.} your full name__________________________,

2.} Your residential/contact address__________________________,

3.} Your phone/fax number__________________________,

4.} Your Occupation and__________________________;

5.} Your Age__________________________.

For purpose of security and the confidentiality of this transaction you can reply this mail to this my private e-mail address; ""

I look forward to receive your positive response soonest.

Best Regards,

Barrister Smith John

And a follow-up email from the scammer:

Dear Mr Bruce Willis,

How are you once again? It has been a very hectic period with this matter at hand. Today at the earliest I have been able to secure the necessary legal documents needed to re-establish you as the next of kin to Engr.Han Reenu. This is one of the most complex aspects of this claim and indeed I will say I am very happy that my request is granted timely. As I promised you earlier that this is a good case if handled properly by a well defined lawyer like me with a good experience and an international handling ability.

I have past through the major hills of this matter and I am very happy that at last you have been made the proven owner of this fund legally through a well defined legal placement. The matter as I advised you is now 100% legal and safe. As I told you earlier in my previous letter that there is nothing you invest in a proven matter like this that is a waste. I thank you equally for your support and your huge trust reposed in me which cannot be denied seeing your acceptance of my service conditions.

I personally believe this should be one of the most joyful periods of your life seeing litigations are not easy to go by this way it worked for you. At this point I want you to bring yourself fully out at this end point of this matter to see we have a smooth transfer of this fund into your account. I will be attaching all the needed legal documents procured in your name as an evidence of my claim and equally the receipt of the payment.

I will be going to the bank with the original copies of the documents while you send to them the scan copies for verification as well as the requested payment as I have invested a total of $10,900usd as a cost of getting all the documents.

I urge you to do everything within your jurisdiction to ensure that you send the document along side with the requested payment to the bank as I know they have given you payment directives. You will see the payment receipt of $10,900usd I made on the process of securing all the legal documents as the documents are so vital that you will only pay in bulk and an official receipt will be handed over to you.

I want you to keep me updated as soon as you have made the payment to the bank and as well send the documents.

Do call me at any urgency +234-703-511-6792.

I await your swift rejoinder.

Thanks and God bless.

Yours Truly,

Barr Smith John (Esq.)


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