Scam email: Barrister Esq. Enrique Boyd, an attorney or banker for a dead wealthy man

Scam Money Transfers from Lawyers / Bankers / Barristers
Example -
Barrister Esq. Enrique Boyd
"With a wealthy dead client named, Eng. Chung Timothy"

Have you received an email from "Barrister Esq. Enrique Boyd", claiming that he is an attorney or banker "managing an account" for a dead wealthy man (Eng. Chung Timothy, in this case) who died (usually along with his whole family) and leaving no heirs.  This means our dear buddy wants YOU to pretend to be the dead guy's only living relative, so you can defraud the estate (although the scammer tells you it is "risk free"). Of course, even if there really were such a dead guy and a real account, you would be committing several felonies, including fraud. This bozo of a scammer tries to use two redundant titles "Barrister Esquire", which would be like saying "Doctor PhD".

If you are still salivating and eager to fill out the form, we can assume you are either of a criminal nature or get scammed frequently, as this is simply another fraud to separate you from your money (that is, whatever money you have left after being scammed before). See the example email below!

If you would like a step by step explanation of how this type of "Advance Fee Fraud" works, click here!

Scam email from "Barrister Esq. Enrique Boyd":

Date:  Sun, 4 May 2008 13:13:02 -0700 [05/04/08 03:13:02 PM CDT]

From:  Barr Esq <



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Good Day,

My sincere apology for this unsolicited email letter to you. It is not my intention to approach you through the internet, but because i do not have your full information, hence i decided to contact you through this means.

My name is Mr. Enrique Boyd Esq., Attorney at law, I am contacting you solemnly on business related issues. It is true that many people are engaged in different types of internet scam and that has further made it impossible to know the genuine business proposal.  This business might be wrong but i will not allow my clients life time earnings to be confiscated by people who did not work for same.

My client, Eng. Chung Timothy, an American citizen who died in a plane crash(Korean Air Flight 801)with the whole passengers onboard on August 6,1997.And for your perusal you can view this 

website . ) before his demise he made a deposit of EURuro 4.300.000:00(Four million three hundred thousand euro's) in a bank here in Spain which i witnessed as his personal attorney and all the documents will be sent to you for your perusal at your demand. His only daughter whom he used as his next of kin was also involved in the same plane crash as above, and i have tried my best to contact any of his family members or extended family members to make claim of this deposit but all to no avail.

The bank where he made the deposit has contacted me on this subject mater to provide the next of kin to my late client or the deposit will be taken to the national treasury as an abandoned deposit.

This is the reason why i am soliciting for your co-operation to be presented as next of kin to my late client. All documents that will authorize you as the next of kin will be secured by me, by the power of attorney which is bestowed on me as his attorney. Upon your agreement to work with me to achieve this aim, i will plead with you to give me these few information of you, e.g Full name and direct telephone number.

Please bear in mind that this issue is very confidential and i promised you that within 21 working days, this fund will be moved any bank account of choice and i will be glad to share this money with you.

Reply to my private Email:  Please do not bother to reply if you are not willing to work with me.


Sincere regards.

Enrique Boyd.



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