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Scam Money Transfers
Example -

Have you received a letter from Alice Dalette from Liberia, or some other name, needing your help? Ah, yes, another poor family in Africa, separated from their rightful pile of gold bars, just needs your help to be reunited!

And once you contact her, you'll find all you need to do, to receive a huge cut of their immense wealth, is pay the taxes (or fee, or transaction chrage, or demurrage, or whatever other fee they can make up) to release the money.  And then they'll pay you the millions.  Really!  Absolutely!  Just wait by your mailbox.

If you are a moron, that is... 

Just another scam. Here it is for your entertainment.  Of course, the names, places and exact amounts will change, but they're all similar.

From: <>
Date: 20 Jan 2007 01:14:51 +0900
MIME-Version: 1.0

PLEASE I want to crave your indulgence in reading through this mail to understand my predicament. My name is Pius Dalette and my Mother's Name is Alice Dalette from Liberia, who is currently residing here in Accra-Ghana. All hope of having a better future was shattered by the war in Liberia,I and my Mother being the only surviving family of a gold merchant in Liberia will were left with no alternative than to flee to Ghana .

Please I am contacting you to assist me and my Mother to retrieve and receive our consignment over there in American that contains 12.5m United States dollars and some quantity of gold and Diamond, which I cannot specify. The consignment is presently in American. The consignments get to the state through the help of Dr Clinton komelo a Diplomatic Official. The fact is that Dr Clinton Komelo is supposed to have delivered the consignment to a man called Mr. STUD BAKER in American.

The week Dr Clinton Komelo is suppose to deliver the consignment to him, when he got to American after clearing the consignment from the Airport, he call Mr. Stud Baker to tell him the description to is house for the delivery, but is wife answered the call and told Dr Clinton Komelo that her husband Mr. Stud Baker hard a fatal car accident which lead to his death some few hours later.

Mr. Stud Baker has already paid the demurrages from the security company, he paid for Bullion van that took the consignment to the airport and he paid for custom check report he also assisted us in getting the DRUG / ANTI TERRIORIST CERTIFICATE, which is so expensive that he spent 25 thousand united state dollars(US$25,000) to acquire it, but unfortunately he died in a car accident, that was why Dr Clinton Komelo has to deposit the consignment with a warehouse over there in American and called us to informed us about what is happening, and told me and my mother to look for a new beneficiary to received the consignment. So please I will like you to assist I and my Mother to received the consignment from the diplomatic Official in American.

I await your urgent response.

Thanks and God bless you

Pius Dalette and Family.


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Names used by scammers in the examples on this page and others often belong to real people and businesses who often have no knowledge of nor connection to the scammer's use of their name and information.  Sample scam emails and other documents are copies of the scam to help potential victims recognize and avoid it.  You should presume that any names used and presented here in a scam are either fictitious or used without their legitimate owner's permission.
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