Fake Business Proposal Scams: Smith Clark

Scam Business Proposals
Example: Smith Clark

Below is a real example of a fake business proposal from Nigeria. 

The emails are in reverse order, so start at the bottom of this page and read up!

----- Original Message -----
From: smith clark <smithclarkster@gmail.com>
To: JohnDoe@aol.com
Sent: Thu Feb 9 3:50
Subject: Fwd: Re: Business Aid

Thanks for u kind reply to me i assumed u will want to know more of my company as u said in ur mail i am really glad u mail me back i well my company as u know is newly establish and we want u to help us in representing our company in USA as of now we do have some of our clients in there but there but the only problem we have with them is that they just call and did not give us there address so we re unable to reach them now so, but now i have contact so many of them unbehalf of u nad they re willing to give us there full details  like so many of them we have (EYE FIVE COMPANY IN CALFORNIA)and so many individuals clients that we have that are ready for our products in usa and so many of them re willing to pay u directly now plz is u really want to help us kindly give us ur details as follows like:
 NOTICES: this is my company name
47, Bode Thomas Street, Surulere  
Smith Clark

On 2/8/06, JohnDoe@aol.com < JohnDoe@aol.com> wrote:

Dear Mr. Clark,

I assume that you have not yet established your client base in the US, since you stated in your first email that you are likely to have some clients here, and that this is a new business you have just opened. You will have to provide me with some further details of your company that I will be representing, eg the name and address. Also, your client base here in the US. Incidentally, I do have an account  with Wells Fargo Bank, so it would be easy to get the necessary transfers done. Hope to hear from you soon. 

On Wed Feb 8 3:55 , smith clark <smithclarkster@gmail.com> sent:


Yes i wolud be providing u with a contract all u need is to provide me with ur full details like name,sex,age,homeaddress,zipcode,state, and other details that i will infom my clients to pay u with ,plz i would like to inform u that my clients are likely to pay u with such payments method like billpayments with check ,and bank transfer to ur account if u have one likely to be with wellsfargo bank .plz take this contract as u will be a representatives for my company in USA and u will still keep ur job while helping.
waiting for ur kind reply
Smith Clark

On 2/8/06, JohnDoe@aol.com < JohnDoe@aol.com> wrote:

Dear Mr Clark,

I would be interested, please let me know what my role will be.  Would you be providing me with a contract?


On Tue Feb 7 15:59 , smith clark < smithclarkster@gmail.com  > sent:


I  engageing in producing farbrics like textle and so on all just will need is someone to help us in cashing out payments in usa from our clienst in there
for ur relpy

On 2/7/06, JohnDoe@aol.com < JohnDoe@aol.com> wrote:

Dear Mr Clark,

What type of business are you engaged in, and in what capacity would you need reps?


On Sat Jan 28 11:48 , smith clark <smithclarkster@gmail.com> sent:


      i am managing director  in my company which is newly establish in africa and we re likely to have some branches in USA and ENGLAND we re looking for some companies or representatives to help us in several ways in our business.
Best Regards
Smith Clark





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