Scams from Widows and Orphans: Fatimah

Scam Money Transfers
Example -
"The daughter of Late Alhaji Hassan from Ivory Coast in West Africa",
Wants the money "transferred into your bank account"

Have you received an email from "Fatimah", who says "she is the daughter of Late Alhaji Hassan from Ivory Coast in West Africa"? And what follows is a convoluted sob story of one misery after another, along with a healthy dose of gibberish, spelling errors, terrible gram, syntax and punctuation, not exactly befitting an extremely wealthy person. And now, poor bereaved "Fatimah", needs YOUR help to ensure that the fortune is transferred into your bank account. Odd that they'd pick a total stranger, in a foreign country to trust their money to, don't you think?

Of course, it is a scam. Don't reply to it.

If you would like a step by step explanation of how this type of "Advance Fee Fraud" works, click here!

Scam email from "Fatimah"

E-mail from: "fatimah hassan" < >


I am Fatimah Hassan,the daughter of Late Alhaji Hassan from Ivory Coast in West Africa. I want to use this media to ask for your help in transferring my inheritance into your country. I will be so glad if you can allow and lead me to the right channel towards your assistance to my present situation now. I'm aware that this might sound strange to you but please I beg you to will handle this matter with the most urgency.

It is my desire to contact you based on honesty and sincerity to assist me in transferring $6,500,000(Six Million Five Hundred United States Dollars) which I inherited from my late father Alhaji Hassan who was a Gold merchant based in Accra and Abidjan to your country for investment. My late father died during last year's rebels attack for the presidential election in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. He was attacked alongside my mother on the way way back home from my Daddy's office. Before his death, he told me that he deposited this money in a bank here in my country with an agreement that nobody can withdraw from it until it is being transferred into a foreign partner's bank account which I shall nominate as his next of kin.

I am motivated in contacting you and hope to gradually build trust, relationship and confidence in you as I get to know you better. You will have to assist me in coming over to your country as soon as the transfer is completed for me to continue with my education while the money will be invested in a lucrative business in your country.

I am willing to offer you 15% of the total money for your effort input after the successful transfer of this money and investment. Indicate your interest towards assisting me by sending your phone number, fax number, home and office address to me so that I can communicate with you at any time. I will also appreciate it if you can send across your photo for a better recognition. I will also send across my photo and phone number as soon as you reply this email.

I will be waiting to hear from you soon




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