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Scam Money Transfers
Example -
Andy Okwuama Joseph (Esq) ,
Lagos, Nigeria, Nigeria Cement Company

Another simple scam; a fake lawyer with a fake name (Mr. Andy Okwuama Joeseph) claims to represent yet another dead millionaire from a plane crash who left no Will and has no heirs.  But lucky you, you have his same last name.  Sharing the same surname means you can scam with the "attorney" to defraud the estate and claim the money!  Gee, so even if this story were true, you would be committing a felony.  Does that sound good to you? Notice the similarity to the Bernard Abbah and Paul Williams scam letter. In this case the surname used is "SMITH", but the scammer will change that to you name!

Just another scam. Here it is for your entertainment.  The scam found a real plane crash and uses it to make his scam seem more believable. Notice some of the more obvious clues that it is a scam, such as the free email accounts being used by a law firm, the lousy spelling, punctuation and grammar, citing a real accident to give the story the appearance of credibility, and so on. Just substitute "SMITH" in the scam email below with your last name, and that will be what you'll receive, if the scammer gets your name and email address! If you would like a step by step explanation of how this type of "Advance Fee Fraud" works, click here!

From : Andy Joseph < >
Reply-To :
Sent : Tuesday, January 30, 2007 8:15 AM
Subject : Your Attention Needed {Late Mr. Mark Smith Estate}

Okwuama Associate & Notary Public
Solicitor at Law.
# 10 Issa Williams Street, Lagos Mainland,
Tel\Fax: 234 01 7257025

Dear Smith,

Please permit my unsolicited mail

I am a solicitor at law; as well personal attorney to Mr. Mark Smith hereinafter refers as my client, who used to work with Nigeria Cement Company. Whereas my client with his entire family were among the victims of the Nigerian Plane crash in Lagos, Nigeria, that happened on Sunday October 23,2005,at about 07:25 PM which claimed all onboard, since then I have made several enquiries to your embassy to locate any of my clients extended relatives this has also proved unsuccessful, I decided to track his last name over the Internet, to locate any member of his family hence I contacted you.

See the 4 website of the Nigerian Plane Crash below:-

I contacted you to assist in claiming this fund from the finance house where he deposited it before his untimely death. The finance company where the deceased had an account valued at about USD$13.3 million dollars has issued me a notice to provide the next of kin or have the account confiscated within the next ten official working days.

Since I have been unsuccessful in locating the relatives for over some time now I seek your consent to present you as the next of kin of the deceased since you have the same last name so that the proceeds of this account valued at USD$13.3 million dollars can be paid to you as the next of kin.

All I need is your full maximum support and cooperation to enable us achieve this transaction within 10 working days and I guarantee that this will be executed under a legitimate arrangement that will protect you from any branch of the law.

In consideration for your assistance, you will not only assist in investing the money, you and I will title you to a good percentage of the whole proceeds as will be agreed.

Do please indicate your willingness to assist by sending your full names,age,occupation; address, private telephone and fax numbers to enable us commence Immediately. I will inform you on the next step to follow.

Best regards,

Mr. Andy Okwuama Joseph Esq.

Reply from the scammer:

From : Andy <>
Reply-To :
Sent : Wednesday, January 31, 2007 7:24 AM
Subject : RE: ok no problem

Hello Gab,

How are you today, Hope you are doing well. Find below the informations you asked for. Do please indicate your willingness to assist by sending your full  names,age,occupation; address, private telephone and fax numbers to enable  us commence Immediately. I will inform you on the next step to follow. You can call me on my direct line +234-802 3128781 or 234 01 7257025 Once I receive these from you, I'll release the contact address of the paying company and the deposit code of the fund so that you can contact directly to the deposit house immediately.

Your urgent response is highly expected.

Best regards,

Andy Joseph Esq.
Okwuama Associate & Notary Public
Solicitor at Law.
# 10 Issa Williams Street, Lagos Mainland,
TelFax: 234 01 7257025



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