Scam Money Transfers - Fake Grants: The Fondation De France(FDF) - ECOWAS

Scam Money Transfers - Fake Grants
- The Fondation De France(FDF) - ECOWAS
"Mrs. Christie Cisse", "Mr. Benoit Cacapa"

Here's a variation on the basic scam money transfer email.  You received an email from "Mrs. Christie Cisse" of "The Fondation De France(FDF)", which is supposedly supported by "ECOWAS", telling you to contact "Mr. Benoit Cacapa".  They just want to GIVE you money...  because you have an email address or bought something at a grocery store.

If it isn't obvious, we'll say it for you: this is a complete scam and fraud.  In some cases, the alleged organizations, like "The Fondation De France(FDF)" do exist and may be legitimate.  Don't let that fool you.  The scammer has nothing to do with them; the email and the grant are all nonsense. If you believe that there are organizations randomly handing out money like this, then we fear you may be terminally stupid.  Seek medical advice promptly.

If you need tangible proof, ask yourself this:  why would an substantial organization with a website ask you to reply to a yahoo (or hotmail or other) generic, free email address, unrelated to the organization, which ANYONE could get?  We've highlighted some of the more absurd statements and clues in the example email below.

And if you were crazy enough to write back to them, click here to a typical response the scammers send.

Sample actual scam letter from "The Fondation De France(FDF)":

Date: Sun, 15 Apr 2007 11:03:12 -0400
From: "Mrs. Christie Cisse" < >
To: undisclosed-recipients:;


The Fondation De France(FDF) would like to notify you that you have been chosen by the board of trustees as one of the final recipients of a cash Grant/Donation for your own personal, educational, and business development. The FDF, established 1977 by the Multi-Million groups and now supported by the Economic Community for West African States (ECOWAS), United Nations Organization (UNO) and the European Union (EU) was conceived with the objective of human growth, educational, and community development.

In conjunction with the ECOWAS, UNO and the EU, We are giving out a yearly donation of US$1,350,000.00 (One million, Three hundred and Fifty thousand United states dollars only) each to 100 lucky recipients. These specific Donations/Grants will be awarded to 100 lucky international recipients worldwide, in different categories.

Based on the random selection exercise of internet websites and millions of supermarket cash invoices worldwide, you were selected amongst the lucky recipients to receive the award sum of US$1,350,000.00 as charity donations/aid. (Note that all beneficiaries email addresses were selected randomly from over 100,000 internet websites or a shop's cash invoice around your area in which you might have purchased something from).

You are required to contact the Executive Secretary below, for qualification documentation and processing of your claims. After contacting our office, you will be given your donation pin number, which you will use in collecting the funds. Please endeavor to quote your Qualification numbers (FDF-444-6647-9163) in all discussions.

Executive Sec. Mr. Benoit Cacapa

Please note that these donations/Grants are strictly administered by the EU, ECOWAS, UNO. You are by all means hereby advised to keep this whole information confidential until you have been able to collect your donation, as there have been many cases of double and unqualified claim, due to beneficiaries informing third parties about his/her donation.

Finally, all funds should be claimed by their respective beneficiaries, no later than 20 days after notification. Failure to do so will mean cancellation of that beneficiary and its donation will then be reserved for next year's recipients.

On behalf of the Board kindly, accept our warmest congratulations.

Mrs. Christie Cisse

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