Scam emails: RAC Plc, UK: Ronald Dewitt NEEDS you to handle their money!

Scam Business Proposals
Example - Scam emails: RAC Plc, UK: Ronald Dewitt NEEDS you to handle their money!

The RAC Motoring Services's  "Ronald Dewitt" (probably not his real name) needs you! Their customers are all in Canada and the US and yet they can't receive money in the UK. (Huh?) This one uses a simple ploy: the company is legitimate, so if you check them out, you will think, "this is for real".  However, note the return email address: There is not a legitimate company in the world (with ANY sense) that would use a free Hotmail email account as their contact email.  Anyone can get a free email account like that.

Note our comments [in brackets and highlighted in yellow].

From: "Ronald Dewitt" <  > [Odd that he doesn't have an email address where he claims to work ]

Sent: Friday, February 09, 2007 10:39 AM

Subject: Job opportunity!!

  Good day sir/madam, This is an email from Rac Plc in United Kingdom; also known as Great Britain, [duh!] We would like to know if you would be interested to work for us, as a part-time job, which would not disturb your current job or your current position?

We have our company here in United Kingdom and we deal on Car Buying, Car care, Insurance, Training on how to drive, Loans and leasing, Motorcycle services and so many more, we have few client from the USA/CANADA, but we have been having problems with most of our clients from USA/CANADA,[Huh?  most of their clients are in the UK, where the RAC is! How could they provide driving lessons from 5,000 miles away?] because some would prefer to pay by Cashiers Check or Money Orders, which we can not cash here, [Nonsense. It is very easy to wire money to the UK, banking STARTED there!]  but it is easy to cash over in the USA/CANADA, so we are looking forward to get representatives around the USA/CANADA that can be working for us as a part-time job, which we are willing to pay 10% of every money you receive from our clients, so you would just need to help us get the payment and get it cashed directly from your bank and send the money to us down here in United Kingdom or to any of our local offices worldwide via Money Gram outlet or western union.

If you are interested, we would require your:

Full Name, Home Address City, State and Zip code Telephone Number (s) Also provide us details of where you work and your position in your work place.


Ronald Dewitt

RAC Motoring Services (RACMS)

Cell phone: 07024061907 [Since when so large companies ask you to call a cell phone, and provide no other number?]


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