Victorine Guelly

Scam Money Transfers
Example -
Victorine Guelly,
wife of Late Laurent Hubert Guelly, former minister of defence and chief of army staff of the Republic of Guinea

Have you received an email from "Victorine Guelly", who says she is the wife of Late Laurent Hubert Guelly, former minister of defense and chief of army staff of the Republic of Guinea? And now, poor bereaved Victorine is pleading for your help, can she trust you, can she count on you?  Let's hope not.  "She" is a piece of filth scumbag scammer in Nigeria.

Of course, it is a scam. Don't reply to it.

Scam email from "Victorine Guelly"

Reply-To :
Sent : Tuesday, January 30, 2007 10:14 PM

From Victorine Guelly (Mrs)
Lot 255 Missebor
Cotonou, Benin Rep
West Africa.


Dear Sir,

This is Mrs. Victorine Guelly, the wife of Late Laurent Hubert Guelly, former minister of defence and chief of army staff of the Republic of Guinea Bissau, West Africa, in the defunct Government of Frank Mbatha. My husband died during the Last coup, which deposed the former head of state, now leaving me a Widow.

At the wake of this occurrences , I fled together with my only child to Benin Republic and took refuge to avoid further oppression from the incumbent government who have seized all my family property and seized all accounts belonging to my husband and other ministers who died along the  line .

Due to this unfortunate situation to my life, I am now desperately searching for a reliable and honest partner in your person to assist me in receiving as quickly as possible, the sum of Eleven Million United States Dollars only (US$11,000,000.00) which is the only money that is still safe and intact deposited by my late husband in my own name in a Finance Firm in Benin Republic and on my behalf too as his trusted and loving wife. Deposit Evidence is with the Lawyer in Benin Rep.

I am therefore earnestly requesting your kind assistance to receive this Fund in your country, for safety. I have solidified every arrangement to prepare Legal Documents at the High court of Justice Benin Rep here and the Finance Firm where the fund is presently deposited, making you the trustee and beneficiary of this fund for a hitch free withdrawal at your bank.

If I will get your positive response to this earnest plea, as we meet in due course, we shall be discussing further on other important issues regarding mutual business relationship and possibility of securing a resident-permit for me and my only Male Child, in your country. I am not comfortable staying here in Benin Republic due to security reasons as my life is at risk. I must confess that I repose much hope and trust in you, assisting me out of this ugly situation.

Dear , I am earnestly willing to compensate your kind efforts and co-operation in assisting me and my kid with 30% of the total sum, which is ($3,300.000.00) , if you can offer me this unforgettable assistance. Please be informed that I am contacting you based on trust and I know you will not  fail me.

Please do not disappoint me, your security and reputation is highly guaranteed; absolute confidentiality should also be adhered to. Please! 

Please! I pray your urgent assistance. Contact me immediately if you are willing to offer me this help.

Please send to me your full name, address and private phone numbers, so that we can proceed immediately with the change of Legal documents that covers this transaction. This transaction would be covered by the High Court of Justice Of Benin Republic for your assurance and Utmost guarantee. Please help me! This is Legal and Hitch free. Waiting to hear from you soonest, Remain Blessed.

Yours Sincerely,

Victorine Guelly (Mrs)



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