Scams: I left Your Money at UPS Courier Service from JAMES MAJ

"I left Your Money at The Courier Service"
or "Security Company" Scam
UPS Courier Service
"JAMES MAJ", "Steve Rauchfuss"

If you receive an email from JAMES MAJ claiming they hadn't heard from you, or owed you money, and left it at "UPS Courier Service", and now you need to contact Steve Rauchfuss at to recover the money; well, by now you should immediately recognize it as a scam.  Why would someone you don't know owe you a huge sum of money, and leave it at a "courier" or a "security company or "UPS Courier Service" and tell you to contact Steve Rauchfuss in order to retrieve?  It simply makes no sense.  You should immediately dismiss it as a scam.

However, if you really have a desire to be a victim, and are saying to yourself "but, but, but... what if I just forgot that I'm owed a huge sum of money, or maybe they got me by mistake and will still send me the money".  Well, first, we'll tell you that's just pathetic.

Next ask yourself why Steve Rauchfuss, who presumably works at "UPS Courier Service" is having you write to him at "". Shouldn't he have a real company address like "Steve Rauchfuss@UPS Courier" ?

Here are some other clues to the scam:

  • Pigeon English - Notice that as the scammer gets past the initial template email and must write free-form, how his grammar, spelling and basic sentence structure go straight in the toilet.  The scammers don't even know how to use spell checkers.  After all, this is a stupid, low-life criminal in the heart of Africa, who probably dropped out of school at age 5 to join a gang or militia. Obviously, real businesses proofread their emails; they look and read more professional.

  • Using free email account: The scammer is writing to you from a FREE email account (Yahoo, Hotmail, Excite, AIM, Gmail, etc.).  Don't you think a real organization would use its own email, its own domain and website?

  • "UPS Courier Service" - Have you ever heard of UPS Courier Service? What is it's website?  Why wasn't that in the email?

Actual scam reply email (One example - the scammers constantly change names, dates and addresses!):

The recipient told us: "

This is the email I was sent and a cashier's check did arrive in the amount of $15000.00. I took it to my bank and they said it was a total fake. Who should I report this to?


From: JAMES MAJ ( )

Sent: Thu 3/06/08 8:07 AM  

Good morning ,how are you doing today and i guess all is fine with you..well i just want to let you know icontacted my financier about the payment for the rentbill and he told me he has already sent it out to youand is going to be delivered to you today by ups courrier service and here is the UPS tracking#(1Z66V7Y40194418473 and the payment including mytravel ,furniture allowances and the rentbills,so as soon as you get payment today kindlyinform meand take the check to your bank so you can have itcash ok ..., and send the rest fund after you deductyour rent bills to my travel agent via Western UnionMoney Transfer latest time today so that i can get myticket secure and have some paper work done before myarrival and tommorrow i can depart to the state andthereafter i will forward you my flight details so youcan know the exact time and date i will be arrivingand if you are chance you can pick me up at thenearest airport Pls let me know.Here is my travelagent information where you will send the rest fund toBelow via Western Union Money Transfer or money gramm:

NAME=========Steve Rauchfuss

ADDRESS=======12 ellison road


STATE========North Carolina

ZIP CODE======28645  

Kindly have this done today and get back to me urgentwith the Western Union Transfer Details as soon as youget the fund send to them,The MTCN number(moneytransfer control number)Total amount sent afterdeducting the western union charges And senders nameand address.i cant wait to meet you in person .Havealovely day

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