Dating Scams Exposed - Example: Michelle Serges

Example of a Dating Scam Email

"Michelle Serges from Ivory Coast."

Michelle Serges is another example of a dating scam. If you are active on online dating websites, or via classifieds, chat rooms and forums, beware.  Some reports indicate that as much as 30% of the personalities are scams:

  • either scammers set out to part you from your money;
  • fake profiles intended to redirect you to another website (porn, gambling or even another dating website); or
  • real people looking to date... but they are not who they claim to be!

Even the biggest and oldest dating websites, such as, eHarmoney, AOL, etc., are not immune to scammers. Dating has changed since the advent of the internet and you have to be knowledgeable and have you guard up to find true love, instead of a real scam!

Here is one report of a scam email. See this page for more examples.

Actual scam emails received:

Subject: Michelle Serges from Ivory Coast.


Address: Reu De Commerce, Abidjan.

No 1201 Lot 382,

Telephone No(+22502494917)

Dearest Love.

I do not want my mail surprised to you as this mail came to you from unknowing person.

My name is Miss MICHELLE SERGES, I am 25 years. I am a citizen of Ivoirenne, the only daughter and child of my parents. please do accept my sincere apologies for infrigue into your privacy without your permission.

I register with singles dating site i'm looking for a foreign partner who i can share my love with.

My mother was death when i was in 4 years, reason why i joined singles dating site to contact you is that, before death of my late father, my late father called me one day and discussed with me that he made the deposited with one local bank here in Abidjan with my name as only daughter next of kin to him the sum of $4.2 Million Dollars, and gave me the document covered the fund.

After death of my late father i went to the bank to verify the fund in the bank, but the bank manager after going through their records said that the fund is deposited with my name and i'm the true beneficiary to the fund as next of kin to my late father, but the bank manager let me understand that i will need to present a trustworth oversea's foreign partner over this matter according to my late father instruction giving to the bank before his death.

I decided to register with singles dating site to look for a honest person who we can understand ourself and manage my inheritance in any country where i got a God fearing person who decided to help me out of this matter and transfer the fund to oversea's account.

Dear, if you can consider my mail and accept to help me transfer this fund, i decided to be your wife or friendship and come to your country immediately the fund is transfer to your account over there and stay with you forever and you will need to assure me that you will not betray me over this transaction and also this transaction will be confidentially between me and you as i will like to send you the document cover the said fund which the bank gave to my late father when he made the deposite with their bank.

Pls be noted that i need your urgent assistance in this regard so that i can get out from this country and be with you over there immediately the fund is transfer as well to direct you to the bank where the fund is kept, i will like you to give me your personal phone number to enable me call you anytime i wish to hear your voice untill i will come over there and be with you.

Thanks and wait for your consideration.



What can you do to avoid being scammed on dating websites

Scammers are present everywhere on the dating websites. Even if you use established dating websites, like, eHarmony, etc., and even the women say they live in your own country, you may be scammed.

Before you invest your emotions into a long distance relationship, compare what they say against common sense.  Someone who claims to be in love without, sight unseen, never having met you in person, is mostly a scammer or simply unbalanced.

Apply the same common sense rules of safe dating online as you would in person.

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