Mock / Fake Bills and Ads

Deceptive Ads and Mock Bills

Sales Materials That Look Like a Bill or Invoice

What is a mock bill or invoice?

You receive a piece of official-looking mail along with your other paper mail.  It looks official, maybe in a brown enveloped, or even marked "official" or "time sensitive material". You open it up, and inside you see an invoice for your web hosting, a domain name, or any other service, even things like termite and pest control.  And it says it is due VERY soon!

It is only if you look closely that you realize, it isn't really a bill; it is an order form! If you send it in, you have just ordered the product or service!

See this page for a description and an actual example of a fake bill from "Internet Corporation Listing Service"

Also see our page on pro forma invoicing.

What to do if you receive a deceptive solicitation or mock bill

  • READ every word on the page
  • Check and verify the address, phone numbers, email addresses, etc.
  • Write to CFR about it!
  • Keep records of any telephone conversations you have with ICLS, including date, what was discussed and who it was discussed with.
  • Seek legal advice if threatened with legal action.

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Companies and individuals that have been identified as sending solicitations that are designed to look like invoices are:

If you receive a solicitation that looks like an invoice from these companies, we suggest you do not pay. 

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For a comprehensive list of national and international agencies to report scams, see this page.