Scam Money Transfers: David Jackson, PruPIM (one of the leading real estate investment managers in the United Kingdom)

Scam Money Transfers - Banks, Bank Managers
Example - David Jackson, PruPIM ("one of the leading real estate investment managers in the United Kingdom")

Have you received an email from a bank official, "David Jackson" at "PruPIM ("one of the leading real estate investment managers in the United Kingdom")", claiming that he has a deal to make a fortune and he needs you, a foreigner to help him. Yes, and if you think that someone is going to trust a total strange to a fortune, then you obviously also must believe in the tooth fairy.

It is a scam. Even if it weren't a scam, it would be a felony, fraud and theft. But it is all nonsense, a scam made up to get money from you. See the example below, an actual email from the scammer, sent to a victim.

The scammer intends to to get hold of your money instead, by conning you into sending money for various "fees" to free the "funds in escrow".  If you would like a step by step explanation of how this type of "Advance Fee Fraud" works, click here! Note some of the obvious scam clues that we have highlighted in the email below, such as excessive/incorrect use of CAPITAL letters, terrible spelling, grammar and punctuation, the use of free email accounts rather than a domain and website that matches the company's name, etc.

Scam email:

From: David Jackson [mailto: ]
Sent: Thursday, April 16, 2009 8:15 PM
Subject: Hi-tech Partnership

From; David Jackson.

This is a personal email directed to you and I am requesting that it should be treated as such. I know the acknowledgement of this mail sounds intriguing considering that, there wasn't any earlier information regarding my mail. I'm establishing a direct communication with you soliciting for your partnership and co-operation in a business transaction involving USD 120 M ($120,000,000.00).

It will be pleasant if you take your time to properly study the facts contained in this message.

In view of this, I'm a Fund Manager with PruPIM. PruPIM is one of the leading real estate investment managers in the United Kingdom. They form part of the M&G Group of Companies which is the asset management arm of prudential plc in the UK and Europe. We manage over US$37Billion of real estate assets, of which over US$6Billion is invested internationally in North America, continental Europe and Asia Pacific. We are invested in around 1,000 properties with approximately 6,000 property occupiers worldwide. Nevertheless, as a Fund Manager of the EP Funds, I handle Investor's Direct Capital Funds.

I'm determined to work this deal with you if you can handle the business maturely. If you can be trusted, you would stand in to receive the funds as Annual Investment Proceeds from the EP Funds as an Investor. Let me know your level of interest for discussion of this deal in further details. I can be reached on +44 7024066246 . I am counting on your sense of confidentiality, as it is my desire that you keep this business to yourself. Thanks for your understanding and co-operation.

At the moment, I'm compelled not to issue more details about this business until I hear from you. I also want to know the availability of any residential property within your locality that we can purchase. As soon as the deal is conclude within the month of April/May 2009, I have the plans of relocating to your country for diversified Corporate Investments.

Stay well and keep me posted. Thank you for your timely attention.




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