Scam Money Transfers: Tanko Mohammed from Presidential Review Panel

Scam Money Transfers
Example -
Presidential Review Panel, Tanko Mohammed

Did you receive an email from a "Tanko Mohammed" from "Presidential Review Panel" who says:

"our diplomat is now ready to make delivery of your consignment to you"?

Isn't it great that this "Presidential Review Panel" wants to compensate you? Odd, that there is no mention of a country, company or other sponsoring organization. And they all use free email accounts.

Of course, it is a scam! And although "Tanko Mohammed" says you are being compensated, ultimately, there will be "courier fees" or security fees or something that will require them to send you a check (which will be counterfeit), have you deposit it in your bank, then Western Union money back to them.

If you would like a step by step explanation of how this type of "Advance Fee Fraud" works, click here!

Notice some of the other obvious signs that this is a scam are poor spelling , use of free Yahoo/Hotmail/etc email accounts, proposals that make no sense, etc.:

Presidential Review Panel / Tanko Mohammed Scam email:

A victim writes: "I have years and hundreds of emails from this Tanko Mohammed trying to convince me to send money to him so I will get large sums of money via Courier to my door. Please inform me about this criminal. This Phillip Walter has repeatedly called me on my cell phone but and this phone number he calls from also shows up on my cell phone."

A sample email is below:

final payment

Mon, November 9, 2009 3:00:11 PM


Presidential Review Panel < >  [Chat now] ...

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This is to inform you that our diplomat is now ready to make delivery of your consignment to you. He explained that the delay in contacting you was occasioned to the fact that they had other clients they were attending to, as such they work according to their job lists in order as listed.  Currently, he is now at their head office of Golden Courier Security Services in Brussels (Belgium) and there the consignment will be delivered to you physically in person, hence you will sign the delivery note acknowledging receipt.

You are advised to be at alert as the diplomat will be contacting you any moment from now. His information is:

Name: phillip walter

Direct tel: 0032486350519

personal email:

You are advised to alys update us to enable us update our records.


Dr Tanko Mohmmed




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