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Green Card / Diversity Lottery Scams

Green Card Diversity Visa Lottery Scams - Example

Here's an interesting green card VISA lottery scam.  The email claims that the "winner" won a United States green card... through a "lottery promotion". The email starts with "We wish to notify you that you had been selected among the lucky winner's of the U.S Visa lottery (GREEN CARD) through our e-mail ballot lottery program held on the 20th of March 2007 in-Helsinki-(FINLAND)"

It's not to hard to see through this scam. First, the United States does not conduct "promotions" to draw participants to it's "green card lottery".  There are many times more applicants than desired!  Secondly, why on earth would the United States government hold a lottery in FINLAND? If any country or organization were to hold a lottery, they certainly wouldn't use random email addresses as the basis for the contestants.  That would simply be pointless. Finally, you will notice it is signed, "Secretary-General-US-Consulate-Kentucky"/  Last time we looked, Kentucky was still a state, not a sovereign country, and the capital of the United States is still in Washington, DC!

There is an organization called USAFIS, but they have nothing to do with this scam; they are being used as a cover by the scammer. And be sure you understand that USAFIS is NOT part of the U.S. government - it is a private organization that charges for their services!

Each year, the United States State Department conducts a lottery through its DV program to distribute applications for 50,000 immigrant visas. Winners of the lottery have a chance to apply for an immigrant visa, which can be used to enter the U. S. Winners are selected randomly, and there is no fee to enter the lottery.  It is easy to enter online, and generally, there is no reason to pay a company to make the submission for you!

Green Card Lottery Scam using the name of USAFIS:

Object: Please read this information well (notification)

United States Department of State,
National visa center
32 Rochester Ave,
Portsmouth,NH 03801-2909 Friday 27th April 2007

Dear winner,
We wish to notify you that you had been selected among the lucky winner's of the U.S Visa lottery (GREEN CARD) through our e-mail ballot lottery program held on the 20th of March 2007 in-Helsinki-(FINLAND)

This e-mail ballot visa lottery program was innovated last year November by USAFIS,this is the 2nd edition of the program and its designed to be held every year,the aims and objectives of the program is to give free visa's to citizens of developing countries around the world who wishes to travel to U.S and start a new life and work.

In this innovated program,no registrations were being made or required as the program was being conducted through computer draw system of e-mail random extractions from world-wide registered websites.

In this 2nd edition of the program,two hundred and twenty five (225) U.S visa's were released and 6.3 million e-mail addresses were extracted from world wide registered web-sites during the 33-days extraction period that ran from 12.00 AM on JANUARY 20,2006 until midnight, FEBRUARY, 9 2007 for final selection,all extracted email addresses were assigned to different ticket numbers for representation and privacy for final selection through computer draw system.

Your e-mail address attached to ticket number 564002-188 drew the lucky number's which subsequently won you the U.S visa and we are sending the winning notification directly through the selected winning e-mail address which means that if you receive the winning notification in your mail box that you have been selected among the lucky winner's.

Approximately One hundred and fifty five (155) lucky selected winner's had been notified through their selected e-mail addresses including you today (Friday 27th April 2007 02:57:01-0800)

Your visa winning identification number is (MM-52047) Note that your visa winning identification number is your PIN-CODE to claiming your visa.

Your visa duration is 10 years multiple entries to the U.S, it is renewable upon expiration and it permits you to work, study and own properties in the U.S. Your visa type permits you to travel to U.S with your spouse.

Any selected lucky winner from the following countries will be disqualified,this is because each has more than 50,000 candidates in the U.S:-Mexico-Brazil-Canada-Haiti-Columbia-Elsalvador-Jamaica-Poland-Peru-Korea-Dominican Rebublic-Philipines-Pakistan-Vietnam and-United-Kingdom (except Northern Ireland)

Basic question.
How can I make the claim of my visa?
You will obtain your visa through the U.S Consular officer in your home country or country of your present residence and note that the U.S Consular officer in your home country or country of your present residence will not attend to you without your processed documents of which to access your visa winnings through their network database.

Visa winning details.
Your visa winning details falls within our Asia/pacific booklet representative office as indicated in the draw system and we have forwarded your visa winning details to our Asia/pacific processing agent for the processing of your documents.

Our visa processing agents had been apportioned among six geographic regions, all selected lucky winner's will need to act on their claims applications quickly before the visa claim expiration deadline (30th of May 2007)


Office Address:Indra Tower suite105, 75/6 wireless road panthumwan-Bangkok Thailand.
Tel: +66-835-619-209, +66-811-464-568
Fax: +66-2251-9977
Alternative Email: 

N.B: Processing Fee.
Single- us$550.00
Dual- us$750.00

What is processing fee?
The processing fee pays for the accuracy preparation of your documents that will enable you to obtain your visa through the U.S Consular officer in your home country.Green card experts charges a nominal fee to cover administrative and processing costs incurred in conjunction with the careful processing of every document.

How can I pay the processing fee?
The following forms of payment are accepted:

Credit cards (MasterCard, Visa)
Money orders
Travelers cheques
Personal checks (US only)
International drafts
Western Union
We do not accept MoneyGram, Euros, Eurocheques or bank transfers.

According to J.Stevenson Wilson, Author of Visa Lottery services Report, the total average fee charged by green card lottery services (US$550.00) for one person,there is no correlation between the fee charged and the quality of services provided.

All the selected lucky winner's will get free air tickets to the U.S,Your air ticket will be send to you by our Asia/pacific agent together with your processed documents.

For further enquiries;
Contact our Asia/pacific agent where your visa winning details falls.

Sincerely yours,
Mrs. Monica Williams.
PRIVACY: This correspondence may contain confidential or legally privileged information or both. No confidentiality or privilege is waived or lost by any mistransmission.You have received this information in your mail box from USAFIS online promo management board <>

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For details about the State Department's Diversity Visa lottery:

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