Free Lunch Invitations to Seminars to Learn About Investing and Retirement Planning Strategies: Beware That Free Lunch!

Investment and Retirement Scams - The "Free Lunch Seminar" Scam

Have you received invitations to "Free Lunch Seminars" about retirement and/or investing? These are even more common during tax season.  Often the invitations promise a free lunch, with no obligations, except to listen to an informative talk about retirement planning, investing, no risk investments and ways to avoid all taxes.

Many people receive 1 such invitation every month. The invitations often promise to educate you about investing and retirement strategies, avoiding taxes or managing money for retirement; usually with an expensive meal provided at no cost.

You have probably received similar invitations and wondered whether you should attend.

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and state securities regulators, who are members of the North American Securities Administrators Association (NASAA), sent investigators to some of these events. Their findings were deeply disturbing. "Every rock that we turned over seemed to have a bug or a worm crawling out underneath," says SEC Chairman Christopher Cox to The Washington Post in 2007. "In each of the sweeps we conducted, we found significant fraud."

The free lunch does not always mean free useful nor objective information. The ultimate goals are to recruit new clients and sell products; typically investment services or insurance. While the presenters make it sound very appealing, the consequences can be expensive. Consumers go to the seminar with the expectation of hearing objective information about how to grow and protect their investments and retirement savings. During the seminar, however, and in follow-up phone calls or in-home visits, individuals are often pressured to make unsuitable investment decisions, without having done their homework.

State regulators are unable to keep up with these shady operations.For more information, visit the Securities and Exchange Commission website.

Our advice

If you have stoically strong sales resistance; go, eat and do not buy, unless you have independentlt verified the outfit compared them against the competitors and made a calm decision away from their "advisors".

If you are susceptible to sales pressure; don't even go!

And if you have any information related to stock spams, email the SEC at

Below are some typical examples of these scam lunch investment seminars:

Sample Stock Scam Emails:

Free Gourmet Lunch

Please join us for our free seminar Asset Protection for Today's Uncertain World

Avoid the Costly Mistakes that Cause Investors to Lose their Financial Independence!

Learn about Important Law Changes that Will Cost you Money! Our speakers will inform you about recent changes in Federal and State laws. As usual, when the Government changes laws that apply to you they do NOT personally notify you. You can rely on us to tell you what you haven't been told.

Avoid the Biggest Financial Mistakes seniors make!

Get priceless information that will Protect Your Financial Security!

Win FREE prizes and enjoy an incredible dining experience including an open bar!

Lost money in the market? Learn what you can do about it!

We are offering an informational workshop that covers what you must know about your retirement. NO, this is not another presentation by your local brokerage firm about investing. There will be nothing sold at this workshop.

You and three guests are personally invited to attend this workshop exclusively designed for working people. Spouses are urged to attend!

Eliminate taxes on Social Security, interest income, and capital gains!

Avoid costly Probate Fees and Federal Estate Taxes!

Earn Double or Triple Interest on CD's with NO RISK to your principal!

Protect your nest egg from Stock Market LOSS due to market volatility!

Protect your assets without purchasing Long Tem Care Insurance!

Gain Market Growth without RISK!

Learn about Reverse Mortgages and how to increase your spendable income!

There is NO cost or obligation.

Reply now. Due to the enormous popularity of these presentations, seating is limited to the first forty callers. The last workshop was full. Our toll-free number 800 555 1212 is open 24-hours so you can make your reservation. It could change your life!!!!

Although the seminar is providing valuable information for consumers, the seminar is a solicitation for insurance products.



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