Suspicious Job and Recruiting Emails -

Job and Recruiting Emails:

Have you received an recruiting email like the ones below, claiming to be from

We have yet to hear from A SINGLE CONFIRMED PERSON who has received a job through them(* - update see below).  If you have received a job through, (or any of their many website variations) or have anything positive to say about them - PLEASE WRITE US! So far, all we have seen is very suspicious, at best.

We created a dummy resume with a fake contact address, phone and email that we set up to receive the response.  After we filled out their online form, the screen went to a blank page, no confirmation, no statement of what is next, etc.  These REALLY look suspicious. Even more suspicious, there is NO contact information on their website at all; no address, no phone numbers, not even an email address or feedback form. There is only a form to enter your information and a cryptic login (with no way to register for it).

CFR RECOMMENDS THAT YOU DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION UNTIL WE CAN CONFIRM MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THEM! BASED ON THE QUESTIONS THEY ASKED, IT LOOKS LIKE TRYING TO SELL LOAN SERVICES! Another possible goal appears to be referral fees by getting you to sign up for online colleges. We can't tell WHAT they are up to, but, as stated above, we can not find anyone who has received a job through them, nor any means to contact them, to hear their side of the story. If they ARE legitimate, then they certainly act in very suspicious ways!

If they contact you back with a login, as they did us, you will be presented ads for online colleges - see this screenshot we obtained by logging in to another of their websites. Also see this page for our technical investigation of these emails.

Finally, see this page for emails and this scam from victims and near-victims.

Do you have a resume posted online? We'd like to hear from you about your experiences recruiting emails that turned out to be scams or misleading - click here to write us.. We suspect these are possibly a new wave of identity theft attacks.

Note: There ARE legitimate recruiting and employment firms on the internet, and some with very similar names to those above.  We recommend you check any company out before you give any personal information to them.  If they do not have a posted address and phone number, or don't answer the phone, don't give them any personal information! The legal recruiters will be happy to give you contact information, return calls and act in the open!

Update February 19, 2008:

We received the following email from "Judy" an address at

"I have applied with and got a responce and got hired.  I have been with them for almost a year, and have never regretted it one bit.  What jobs were you interested in?  What they say on their website is true.  If you need anymore information, please feel free to email me. "

We wrote back and asked for confirmation (what job did they offer you; what do you do there?).  So far, no response (it has only been a few hours).  If we receive no reply, then it is most likely someone playing a game and spoofing the return address. If we do receive a reply, then it would certainly put a different spin on this.  To date, there are many, many complaints on many, many blogs on the internet, all complaining about, so someone who received a job through them and is happy would appear to be a first.

February 21, 2008: No reply from "Judy" - it appears as though it was a spoof scam or the people behind "TooSpoiled" are fishing for information about those investigating them. So, let's investigate them further!

The Better Business Bureau shows a history of complaints about TooSpoiled at all posted addresses and records an unsatisfactory report (reference this page, this page and this page at then BBB website.:

"According to complaints filed with the Bureau, Impact 210 Worldwide engages in aggressive marketing in order to recruit "talent scouts". The company sends e-mails or makes calls to "eligible" job seekers stating that the job available has benefits and a salary of up to $78,000. Complaints report that the "job" is actually a commission sales position and many consumers do not get their paychecks. Consumers report that when they pay for talent services and services are not rendered they cannot get a refund. Reports also state that it is extremely difficult to contact the company."

The last page of complaints at the Better Business Bureau website identifies a number of characters whose names appear frequently linked with a number of suspected internet frauds. The BBB page also say they also operates these websites:

  • Consumer Business Bureau
  • Instant Human Resources
  • Internet Solutions Corporation
  • Titan Website
  • USA Voice
  • VeriResume

Still more information can be found on this website:

What to do, if you DID fill out their form:

Report it to the following government agencies:

Below are a number of these suspicious emails received by our staff:

This one circulated late summer 2007:

Dear John ,

I have recently viewed your resume online and feel that you are qualified for an opening we have within the company for a Scout Manager. We are Too-Spoiled, one of the most exciting website launches in the last few years.

Scout Managers with Too-Spoiled work from a home-office environment locally within their own market. They are responsible for building a team of 30 to 50 talent scouts from within their local area or other parts of the country. Requirements for the position include the ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing and strong networking and social skills.

The Too-Spoiled Scout Manager position provides a highly competitive salary and a bonus structure that can add an additional 30% to 50% to your base pay. The compensation package also includes full medical and dental coverage.

I hope you'll apply for the Scout Manager position with Too-Spoiled. To fill out an application, please click on the link below. If the link doesn't work, just copy the address and paste it into your browser to go to the webpage.

I am looking forward to reviewing your application.

John Chapman

Do_not contact me with future_employment_offers

And this one

Dear, *******

Our records indicate that you applied for the Casting Manager Position on 04/02/07. We have received your application and feel you meet the initial requirements for the position. I would like to recommend you to the Director of Casting as a qualified candidate.

If you are still interested in the position please visit our website at

On the front page of the application you will find a login prompt. Please login using the following:

Username: *******

Password: ********

When you login you will be asked to verify some information. Then we will ask for some additional information from you to help in the final hiring decision. Once you complete this process your application will be forwarded for final review and you will be contacted directly by the Director of Casting.

Kind Regards,

Margo Freeman

Human Resources

And one from "Bethany"

A recent viewing of your resume online has allowed us to determine that you are qualified for a position within our company as a Site Moderator. We are one of the most exciting web launches within the last few years, Too Spoiled.

Elizabeth J , have you been seeking an opportunity to find a real long-term career with an exciting cutting edge company, if so than you may be just the person we are looking for.

Too Spoiled, the worlds largest entertainment industry network, gives Models and Actors the best opportunity to network and gain international exposure. Combining's best features with a vast modeling and acting database while providing Talent the opportunity to earn extra money gives Too Spoiled its distinction

Too Spoiled instantly allows Talent to earn money just by joining and by displaying ads on their portfolio page.

Models and Actors may join Too Spoiled completely free, unlike other entertainment industry sites.

Site Moderators monitor the content of the site to assure that any inappropriate postings are flagged and/or removed. Site Moderators also look to prevent members from targeting minors on the site. The position is one that can be done from your home if you have a computer and an online connection. You are an ideal fit for the position through your experience and background. We offer our Site Moderators the following:

  • Highly competitive salary.
  • Full Medical, Dental, and Vision insurance benefits.
  • Flexibility - you can work your own hours, just as long as you put in at least 40 hours each week.
  • Opportunity for rapid advancement.
  • Tuition Reimbursements.

The person we are looking for is reliable, consistent, hard working, has solid writing skills, and pays attention to details.

Elizabeth J , if you feel the Site Moderator position is right for you visit the link below and fill out the online application. (If the link does not work in your e-mail, you may copy and paste the address in your browser.)

Once I receive your online application, I will contact you within one to two business days.

Bethany Reagan

Click here to be removed from any future employment offers.

Other Jobs Scams

There are a variety of sleazy scams that look, at first glance, like legitimate job offers.  Before you write back to them, pause a moment and read about the scams below!

Some of the more common job scams are

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