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AV product:

Lottery Scam Email:
Mrs.Mavis Cook, MR.Robert Heinz"

The "Goldstar Lottery" is another another Microsoft promotion of the use of email and MS Word "computer ballot system" lottery scam.  If you haven't figured it out by now, we'll repeat; there is NO SUCH THING as a lottery in which e-mail addresses are picked randomly by a "computer ballot system" to select winners. It ONLY exists in the minds of scammers and pathetic losers who want to believe that an email pixie bestowed millions upon them. Ask yourself why would Microsoft give money away to strangers based on their email address? Have you ever known Microsoft Corporation to be generous and just give money away to individuals? And to "promote the use of email"?  How would Microsoft benefit from that?  Email is FREE!  You'd have to be begging to be a victim to believe this one.

Notice the gibberish writing, excessive use of CAPITAL letters, etc. Note the other clues to an obvious fraud that we have highlighted in the letter; keep confidential, numerous misspellings, punctuation and grammatical errors, selected by a random computer lottery of email addresses, use of free hotmail/yahoo email accounts, etc.

Lotto Winners of 1,500,000.00 Euros
Ref. Number: NL/BC7765468/WW14
Coupon Number: NM/896161/WOP



We are pleased to inform you of the announcement today of winners of the GOLDSTAR LOTTERY POGRAMS held on 24th february 2007.Your Company or your personal e-mail address is attached to winning number 20-01-2005-02MSW, with serial number S/N-00168 drew the lucky numbers 887-13-865-37-10-83, and consequently won in the first lottery category.

You have therefore been approved for a lump sum pay out of One Million Five Hundred Thousand EUROS (1,500,000.00) in cash credited to file REF NO: NL/BC7765468/WW14 and Coupon NO.NM/896161/WOP

This is from total prize money of 10,687,000 EUROS, shared among the Twenty international winners in this category.

All participants were selected through our Microsoft computer ballot system drawn form 21,000 names, 3,000 names from each continent, as part of International "E-MAIL" Promotions Program, which is conducted once in every four years for our prominent MS WORD user all over the world, and for the continues use of E-mail.

Your fund has been deposited in an escrow account with our affiliate Bank here in NETHERLAND, and insured with your REF NO: NL/BC7765468/WW14 and your E-mail address.

You are to keep your ref. number and coupon number from the public, until you have been processed and your money remitted to your personal account. We hope with your prize, you will be happy to promote the use of E-mail and the use of MS WORD.

To claim your winning prize, you must first contact the claims department by email or call for processing and remittance of your prize money to you. Your assigned claims Director Contact is:

MR.Robert Heinz




TEL: +31-645-535-301

FAX: +31-847-262-754


NOTE: In order to avoid unnecessary delays and complications, please remember to quote your reference and coupon numbers in all correspondences with your claims director.


Mrs.Mavis Cook


NB: All response should be mail to De Award Department:

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