Medical Fraud Scams - How to recognize Them and Protect Yourself

Medical Frauds and Scams

Protecting Yourself Against Health Care Fraud

Medical frauds range from people posing as doctors and practicing without a license, to useless supplements, worthless or dangerous diet aides, fake medicines and cures for cancer. The links below provide information about Medical Frauds provided by reputable U.S. Federal Government Agencies and independent research organizations.


Alternative Medicines

Complaint forms

Dieting and weight loss

Dietary Supplements


Environmental and biological medical aids

Exercise and fitness

Food frauds


Government Initiatives


Medicare / Medicaid / Obamacare Frauds


Miracle cures

Sleep and Snoring Aids


Test kits and diagnostic testing frauds

Treatments and therapy frauds


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For a comprehensive list of national and international agencies to report scams, see this page.