Pet Scams
Puppy,, Max Frank

Were you looking to buy, or sell, a puppy? And that's when "Max Frank" at contacted you? Just when you think scammers can't sink any lower, you hear about pet scams.  That's right, scammers are now putting advertisements with photos of cute, usually purebred, a puppy on online selling websites, like Ebay, CraigsList and in classified ads in newspapers; and/or calling people who are selling a puppy.

Once the scammer talks to his victim, the victim finds out that the scammer wants to send a check that is in excess of the amount, and the scammer wants the victim to wire (via Western Union or Money Gram) the excess to others, using a variety of excuses such as other fees, customs duties, shots, adoption fees, insurance and vaccinations to be paid.

As soon as the money is wired, it is gone, and usually so is the scammer... unless he thinks he can milk the victim for more.

There are a few typical signs of the scam, such as the scammers frequent use of the word "baby" in referring to the puppies.  "Just send me the fees and I can send you your babies! Don't you want to see your babies", one scammer wrote to a victim.

But regardless of how it is phrased, we recommend you never buy a pet over the internet, unless the transaction of pet for money occurs in person, at the same moment. Or at least conduct the exchange in person, in a very public place.

Visit your local dog shelter or check the legitimate animal rescue websites for a local puppy!

Example of the puppy,, Max Frank scam:

From: max frank [mailto: ]

Sent: Thursday, March 20, 2008 6:00 AM

Subject: Re: Reply to your Ad on LSN [Ad #317834]

Hello there,

    Thanks for the mail and response.The baby is still available with updated pictures and papers.She is well tamed, vet check,potty and crate trained.She gets on well with kids,adults amnd other pets.She likes playing with toys and naps.She is 3months old,have been wean already,bottle fed,home raise and house broken.She enjoys being around people and spent much of her time with children at the neighborhood.she is full blooded, reg, a kc and n kc registered and will be caming along with all registration papers.She weight 7.5lbs and will weight 13 or 14lbs in future.She has a brown colour with spotted white on her neg and legs,with short legs and a tick fat mouth.

    To tell you a little about my self,i am a medical doctor in Cookeville Tn but presently in England on Holidays.My reason for giving the baby out is because of lack of time to take proper care of her here,i was bring her to give her to my friends daughter as a gift but she left for studies in Canada.I work 24/7 from 8.00am to 7.00pm and i don,t even have time to carter for the baby and provide her with the necessary needs that she deserve.I will be in London for the next 3months because i just go a new job and want to try to see which is more better and i will not really have time to take care of her.So i want any loving and caring family back there to take her and show her the love and care she needs.she needs to be treated as a queen and i want only families that are prepare to do that for her.Flight is included and you will only pay for her flight fee back to USA which is $300 and that will be all.I have attach some of her pictures here for you and hope you are going to like them.

    I will like to get the following information from you, Have you ever gotten a bulldog before?

What is your reason for taking the baby?

Do you have kids?

How soon do you want the baby?

If you will like to call me,these are my contact numbers here.00447031968459 or 00447031856154.Thank you and hope to read from you.

My regards



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