Yorkie Puppy scam

Pet Scams
Yorkie puppies, classifieds.co.nz, Chris J

Were you looking to buy Yorkie puppies? And that's when "Chris J" at classifieds.co.nz contacted you? Just when you think scammers can't sink any lower, you hear about pet scams.  That's right, scammers are now putting advertisements with photos of cute, usually purebred, Yorkie puppies on online selling websites, like Ebay, CraigsList and in classified ads in newspapers; and/or calling people who are selling Yorkie puppies.

Once the scammer talks to his victim, the victim finds out that the scammer wants to send a check that is in excess of the amount, and the scammer wants the victim to wire (via Western Union or Money Gram) the excess to others, using a variety of excuses such as other fees, customs duties, shots, adoption fees, insurance and vaccinations to be paid.

As soon as the money is wired, it is gone, and usually so is the scammer... unless he thinks he can milk the victim for more.

There are a few typical signs of the scam, such as the scammers frequent use of the word "baby" in referring to the puppies.  "Just send me the fees and I can send you your babies! Don't you want to see your babies", one scammer wrote to a victim.

But regardless of how it is phrased, we recommend you never buy a pet over the internet, unless the transaction of pet for money occurs in person, at the same moment. Or at least conduct the exchange in person, in a very public place.

Visit your local dog shelter or check the legitimate animal rescue websites for a local puppy!

Email from the almost-victim (December 20, 2008):

I was looking on classifieds.co.nz for a puppy and I emailed the person listing the puppies to find out more. The reply is below.

I thought the location of the owner to be questionable and the timing of placing the ad, death of his wife and age of puppies does not add up.

Could you please advise if you think this is a scam. I have decided not to go ahead with anything to do with this person anyway so no panic but just wanted to let someone know.

The owners name is Chris J and his email is godgife@gmail.com Thanks

Email from the scammer (on classifieds.co.nz, as Chris J), after the victim emailed asking for more information about the Yorkie puppies:

Thanks to read from you Regarding these my Yorkie Babies.and i will let you know why am adopting this puppies for free adoption.Am adopting this puppies for free adoption because of my working condition,My working time table has been change so for that reason i have no time to care and love for this babies,and again the person who made me to have this babies was my late wife and she passed away last 2 weeks so there is no one home to love and carter for them so for that reason i thought it wise to look for any good and caring home that can provide the love and care for them that they deserved.So they are two of them one females one male and are 12 weeks old currently weighing 1.4lbs &

1.5 lbs, mum is 4.9 and dad is 5 lbs and their expected weight as adults is 4.9-5.1 lbs.They have gotten their shots,have been on a heart worm prevention and wormed. They are well socialized with wonderful great personalities,we are just wanting new homes where They will be spoiled more than here as they will be a great addition to any family.They are little girl and boy every heart of any home will desire.They come along with health documents,Akc registration papers champion bloodlines,travel crates with toys and a year guarantee including a hand book on how to raise your puppies.So in regards to the transportation am Re-located here in Western Island Cameroon and you don't have to bother because it will takes just some few hours for the babies to arrive your locality so i will like to to ask you some question so that i should know if you will rather be taken good care of this babies or not so get back to  me with:

-where are you located?

-will you take proper care of my puppies?

-what is your occupation?

-are you use to pets?

-do you have a vet that you will take the puppy to if need be?

-will you send me pics of the pups when you have them?

-do you have a vet you will take the puppy to?

    waiting to read back from you.

God Bless You




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