Did You Receive an Unexpected Call From Brinks Armored Security for Reader's Digest Sweepstakes? It may be a Scam!

Have You Received a Scam Phone Call?
Brinks Armored Security for Reader's Digest Sweepstakes at

Did you receive a call from Brinks Armored Security for Reader's Digest Sweepstakes saying that since you were a valued customer, they were going to send you free air travel tickets? Don't send them money nor give them any credit card, bank account or other personal information!

This scam probably has nothing to do with Reader's Digest nor Brinks Security (although Reader's Digest has certainly had its share of allegations of scams and a $6 million settlement (see this page)

Scammers are not just busy on the internet, they are burning up the phone lines in attempts to scam people. See below for a consumer report of calls from Brinks Armored Security for Reader's Digest Sweepstakes, an analysis and links to other information about Brinks Armored Security for Reader's Digest Sweepstakes:

  1. Report received, April 18, 2008:

    I received a phone call from Kevin Miller from Brinks Armored Security at the border of Ontario Canada and Michigan stating they had a check for me for $250,000 from Reader's Digest sweepstakes.  He gave me his badge number, 6315.  He said he needed me to wire $2500 as insurance for the wire.  Or else I could drive to the border and pick up the check myself.

    I told him I would not do either and said I would have to call back after I talked to my husband.  The number he gave me was 514-225-4002 to call him back.

Information About Specific Phone numbers

We found nothing online about this specific phone number.  That may only indicate that it is new. There are several websites that focus on reports of scam phone calls. See these:

There are a number of common telephone scams, such as:

and some new and as yet, uncommon scams.

What to do about it

See these pages for guidance as applicable to your specific situation:

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