Did You Receive an Unexpected Call From (613) 474 9723, US Government Grants Department?  It may be a Scam!

Have You Received a Scam Phone Call?
(613) 474 9723, US Government Grants Department

Did you receive a call from (613) 474 9723, saying they were from "US Government Grants Department" and they needed you to provide or confirm personal information for a grant? Don't send them money nor give them any credit card, bank account or other personal information!

Scammers are not just busy on the internet, they are burning up the phone lines in attempts to scam people. See below for a consumer report of calls from (613) 474 9723, US Government Grants Department, an analysis and links to other information about (613) 474 9723, US Government Grants Department:

  1. Report received, April 18, 2008:

    I received a call on my unlisted work cell phone from a person identifying themselves as  Michael from the US Government Grants Department in Washington on Friday April 25. He was quite pushy and was looking for Date of Birth, Bank Address, Sort Code etc. supposedly to Deposit $2,500 as we had submitted our taxes early.

    I later told my wife about the call and she tells me she had the same call Friday morning. They had all her details correct and proceeded to call them out for confirmation.

    He called me back Monday April 29, 4 times from (613) 474 9723. This is private number listed in the New York area as a private and work number to two different persons, not in Washington as 'Michael' claimed??? I asked him for his Federal ID Number and last name and told him I would call him back on the number displayed on my caller id. He got very defensive and called out a six digit number but refused to provide his last name. I told him to call me back in ten minutes. I called the number above and it was out of service.

    When 'Michael' called back again I had a person working in the same building as me answer. This person presented themselves as a Federal Officer. 'Michael' got very angry and uncooperative with him on the phone. 'Michael' claimed to be my friend when asked of his business with me, a lie. 'Michael' refused to provide the details asked of him and was put on hold for another inbound call. He was gone when the call was reconnected, obviously afraid that if the person answering was actually a Federal Officer that the call was being traced.

    'Michael' called back several times after this and was very angry as I kept insisting that he request the details he was seeking in writing because the IRS etc should already have these.

    This is without doubt a scam to gain bank details. My big concern is how and where these people got our details.

Information About (613) 474 9723, US Government Grants Department

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