Primerica: Job and Recruiting Scams and Frauds

Job and Recruiting Scams: Primerica

Do you have a resume posted online? If so, you have probably, sooner or later, received an email from Primerica.

It takes a bit of digging before you find out that Primerica is a multilevel marketing organization.  They're not really offering you a job... just an "opportunity", of course to make lots of money.  It is certainly misleading, and in our own experience, there was NO correlation between the resumes posted and the "job" offered.

The first tip-off is that they want you to come to an introductory meeting, where there will be lots of other "interviewees".  When have you ever been contacted by a company for a legitimate job and told you will need to come on a Thursday evening to a meeting with a group?  One person who wrote in saying he works for Primerica, says these agents are acting on their own, in violation of company rules (see the post below).

However, the Atlanta Better Business Bureau's website records 65 complaints about this Primerica in the past 3 years.  The BBB says the complaints are resolved, so if you do go, and want your money back, call the BBB. See

And you want to try to sell (what we think are) overpriced products to your friends and family, go on to the meeting.  But don't say we didn't warn you!

Comments About Primerica

Here are some comments we've found on the internet from others:

  • Just a quick comment. I went to a Primerica meeting last week because my friend is doing this work part-time, and was very excited about it. My impression of the Primerica business is that it unfairly exploits disadvantaged, lower income people, and that it is a pyramid scheme that should be illegal. People should learn other ways to make an honest living. Just my two cents, and you can blast away because I don't frequent this board but was interested to see if anyone else out there felt like this business was a dishonest way to make a living. (
  • In early March, 2005, I was contacted by the Regional Vice President in Oklahoma City who had been "given my resume'" and was contacting me about an interview for their "Marketing Division". I went in the next week for the first interview, then my husband and I were "invited" back for the "interview" on Thursday night. When we walked in and realized what was going on, we should have left, like we saw others do. But we stayed, and listened, and asked questions, and heard others ask questions that were never fully answered.
    Now, I'm trying to get back the money I paid to get licensed, since we discussed it more afterwards and decided not to do it. First I contacted the Regional VP, who turned me over to another guy whose "team" I was on. The second guy said he would "take care of it". After waiting almost 3 weeks, I contacted him today to find out where it stood on my refund, and he said "you need to call the corporate office". I've now placed three calls and sent a fax making a written request for my money.
    I should have know better than to even THINK something like this was a good thing, but I would have thought when I requested a refund, they could have been honest with me from the beginning and told me I had to go through the corporate office. Instead, I've waited all this time for nothing. It just makes me glad that I never gave them a list of people to contact! If anyone from Primerica contacts you, BE AFRAID, BE VERY AFRAID!
  • About 6 to 8 years ago I went to an informational meeting about working for that company. When I arrived the meeting was packed with people. We listened to a presentation about how wonderful this company was, and what terrific products they had.
    After the presentation there was a brief question and answer period, then we were told to line up to get an appointment to be interviewed by the company. Well I learned during that presentation is that you keep less than 20% of your commission (with no salary and no benefits). It was nothing more than a pyramid scheme in the financial industry. I hightailed it out of there. But there were plenty of people who stayed and were happy to let Primerica pick their pockets.

Emails in favor of Primerica

  • February 7, 2007, Warren writes:

I have read some of your scam reports regarding Primercia. I am a rep with Primerica and do not support nor does the company support or endorse any deceptive recruiting tactics. These agents that are setting people up for a "job interview" are being deceptive. it isn't right and they should be reprimanded for what they do.

I am sorry some of your respondants have had bad experiences. Don't the whole by some of it's parts. There are always a few in every business that mess it up for everyone else: car salesmen, insurance companies, oil companies, telemarketers, lawyers, the list is long and includes every sector of American business.

PFS is a business opportunity and a great one at that. Primerica, a division of Citigroup, offers a wide variety of financial services to middle class America. The market most forgotten by Wall Street.


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