Product Recalls, Withdrawals and Safety Alerts

You may have heard a news story about a product recall for a toy, food item, car or other product in your home or office.  But the news went by so quickly, you didn't have time to write it down.  Now, you're wondering if you bought one of the recalled items.

Here's how you can check: This page includes the most significant product recall actions of the last 60 days, based on the extent of distribution and the degree of health risk. The recalls on the list are mainly Class I, the most significant and dangerous recalls.

A record of all recalls (Classes I, II, and III) can be found in the
FDA Enforcement Report. Definitions of Class I, II, and III recalls.

You can also sign up to automatically receive Product Recall notices by email, direct from the Federal Trade Commission.

Search the Product Recalls

Product recalls are issued by several agencies of the U.S. Government: the FDA, for food and drug recalls, the USDA for agricultural products, the CPSC for toys and consumer products, the EPA, the NHTSA, even the Coast Gaurd.  So how can you search them easily?

The searches are all consolidated in one engine - just click here for that page!

Search False Advertising Cases

If you are interested in searching for companies that have settled false, misleading or exaggerated advertising charges, click here to search the entire FTC database of cases, see this page.

What products are covered by these recall notices?

FDA-regulated Products Which Are Subject to Recall Are:

Recent Recall Notices

Below are some from the past year that may be of interest:

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