Psychic Scams: Jenna Your Astrologer,

Astrology and Psychic Scams:
Jenna, Your Astrologer and
Astrology Answers, PO Box 528, Hartford, 06057 C.T, USA.

Did Jenna, Your Astrologer contact you ? Can Jenna, Your Astrologer help you turn your life around or "come into money"? People desperate to improve their lives will often turn to bizarre methods. While there are many religions and beliefs in the world, one thing is constant, scammers seek to exploit the beliefs, desperation and naïveté of gullible people everywhere. While it is often difficult to prove that an astrologer or psychic is a scam artist, because they are usually careful to speak in vague generalities and not make specific claims or promises, it is safe to say that ANY psychic or astrologer who contacts you IS a scammer. Their motive is money; your money. Sooner or later, that becomes apparent with all scammers.

Another so-called astrologer and psychic, Jenna Your Astrologer (from is complained about on many websites and forums. The Better Business Bureau has no complaints about her yet, but several forums, such as RipOff Report list many complaints.

Typical comments on RipOff Reportt are:

"These guys are bad news. They are aggressive marketers for a personalized astrology report that is boiler plate and Boring! AND Wrong. My sun sign information came back incorrect. Unbelievable - this chick is just plain stupid."

"I too was duped after almost 2 months of Jenna sending me emails, I finally gave in. I told her that I had been unemployed for 18 months and couldn't afford the $60 fee that she wanted."

"...once you get onto her site, you can decide to chat with her. I decide to see what she was all about. The chat operator is very pushy about getting you to sign up for the 'in-depth' reading."

Our conclusion: we suggest that ALL astrologers are scammers, as the basis is commercial, not science, nor rational logic, nor anything reasonable. There is no credible documented pattern of success and it's practitioners prey on people in need. (See this dissertation). We would suggest that no competent authority, be they from a background in science or religion, will advise you to take the advice of an astrologer. And while 1 in 3 Americans are said to believe in astrology; we will bluntly tell you 2 in 3 Americans are overweight, so an appeal to those popularity is hardly convincing.

If they're so good; let's see them predict something accurately, and not so vague and general, that your dog could have made the prediction! In 1964, James Randi launched the One million dollar challenge. Randi would give 1 million dollars to anyone who could prove to have occult powers. To date, no one has ever even passed the preliminary tests.

The French version of the One million dollar challenge was called Défi zététique international. Anyone who can prove occult powers would win 200,000 Euros. Since there was no financial risk and huge prize money can be awarded, astrologers would be expected to rush to these contests. Yet in the French version, there were only 250 tests and none won.

How to get your money back

So now that we have told you not to believe in astrology, how can you get your money back? Contact your credit card company. Tell them what happened and that you'd like to do a 'charge back' on it. They will then begin an investigation on it, as well as initiate getting your funds back.

You can also file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau; they will negotiate on your behalf.

Here is an example of the Jenna Your Astrologer email:

From: " " <>
Sent: Sunday, February 17, 2008 1:03:04 PM
Subject: I have sensed something about you Dona

Hello Dona,

I am contacting you today because I have something very particular to announce to you, this is something which you probably are not often used to hearing and you have not heard before.

Dona, as I have already demonstrated to you, as soon as I received your request for an astrological forecast through my web site I immediately felt a very strong connection with you. My intuition told me that you will soon live through a very important period and I confirmed this sensation through the astrological reading which I sent you.

Well, just a few days ago I had what we can call 'a flash' about you Dona. This kind of phenomena is not unknown to me and I have already had this kind of feeling before. This is a gift which I have had since birth and I receive these sensations through an extra-sensory perception. In other terms, the simple ability to anticipate future events is a sense which is often greatly developed in most creatures on Earth.

Through this flash I saw you in a situation which is very different from the one you are living at the moment. I saw a great change in your life, somewhat sudden changes I admit but these are elements which are going to bring you great pleasure and a great interior joy. This is the principal feeling which dominated my flash about you, the feeling that you will experience great inner peace and a raging desire to get the very best out of life and to make the most of things.

As you may have suspected Dona, I immediately made the link between this feeling and the astrological Transit which you will soon be living through and which is set to bring some very favorable changes into your life. As a result I now think that it is essential that you get reading in the very best manner possible to benefit from this Transit which is going to change a great deal of things in your life. Therefore Dona, and as I have already mentioned in my past letters to you, only a full complete reading will give you all of the information and the details you need to prepare yourself and to be sure you have all the knowledge you will need for this period.

It is now certain that this event is coming soon and unfortunately until you have asked me to produce this report for you I will not be able to start it. In the meantime the most I can do is to warn you about what I perceive about you and that this event is soon to come. You simply need to ask me to get to work on your reading on the following web page which I have put online for you. As soon as this is done I will determine for you ALL of the information which you will need to benefit from this Transit. You will also be able to see on this particular web-page the information I propose to provide you with:

Your friend,

If, however you no longer wish to receive any messages from me, please let me know at :


If you received a letter from a psychic or astrologer, please send us a copy! This is only one example of this so-called psychic's letter. There may be other letters peddling similar useless lucky charms and paraphernalia.

See this page for how to try to get a refund and how to stop their emails.

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