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Laws and Regulations Covering Multi-Level Marketing Programs and Pyramid Schemes

Click on the links to see the current MLM and anti-pyramid scheme laws and regulations in your country.

Anti-Pyramid Scheme Laws in

United States

Britain (United Kingdom)


New Zealand

Pyramid selling schemes are prohibited under the Fair Trading Act. The Act is enforced by the Commerce Commission. If you have been approached to join a scheme, which you suspect may be pyramid selling, we suggest you inform the Commerce Commission.  Individuals and corporations can be fined up to $200,000 for promoting, or operating a pyramid scheme. Offenders can also be required to pay an extra penalty based on the amount they have gained commercially from their involvement in the scheme. 

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Names used by scammers in the examples on this page and others often belong to real people and businesses who often have no knowledge of nor connection to the scammer's use of their name and information.  Sample scam emails and other documents are copies of the scam to help potential victims recognize and avoid it.  You should presume that any names used and presented here in a scam are either fictitious or used without their legitimate owner's permission.
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