Scams Can Harm You, Even If You Aren't the Victim!

Think Scams Are A Joke? They're behind a Lot of Misery!

If you thought that the internet scams don't affect you because you don't respond to them, think again.  Someone near you may be gullible, and their pain can lead to adverse effects for you. For example, bad checks from a scam are linked to the recent killing of the minister, the Prosecutor in the case says.

A recent story (4/13/2007) in the New York Times said that the minister's wife accused of killing her husband with a shotgun blast in Selmer, Tennessee had been depositing bad checks and feared he would find out. According the the Times, the prosecutor, Assistant District Attorney Walt Freeland, said bank managers were closing in on a scheme that the woman, Mary Winkler, had been trying to conceal from her husband. Mr. Freeland said Ms. Winkler had become caught up in a Nigerian scam, which promises riches to people who send money to cover processing expenses.  As a side note, this casts doubt on the defense lawyer's claim that Ms. Winkler had accidentally killed her husband, Matthew Winkler, while trying to protect their youngest child.

If the prosecutor is correct, then it serves to remind us that the financial and emotional stress that scams and scammers cause to gullible idiots may harm other people, when the victims become distressed over their loss and situation. 


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