Shopping Online Scams: List of Fake Web Stores and a Checklist for Online Shopping

Scam Shopping Websites: Offers You Should Refuse!

Some websites appear to offer fantastic prices on hot products, but it's not much of a deal if they take your money and run. The internet abounds with scam shopping websites, but how can you tell the fakes from the competitive stores?

See the list below and our checklist for safe shopping for the best deals!

Known Scam Shopping Websites - Avoid these!

Hidden subscription scams

Unknown - Caution Advised

We're checking on these. They may be legitimate; we just don't have enough information yet to be able to say. Click on the links below to see what we have found out thus far and to provide your own feedback.

Not Illegal - But Not Recommended

Some business operate within the letter of the law, but provide such poor value, have so many complaints, high prices, poor service or fail to deliver upon their claims, that we suggest you could do better elsewhere.

Visitors experiences and stories

We aren't able to independently confirm or deny these, so they are presented as-is, unedited:

Known Legitimate Shopping Websites - Safe to use!

We're not saying they're perfect; every company messes up once in a while; but overall they're track record shows they are legitimate.


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