Junk Faxes and Fax Scams

Junk Faxes and Fax Scams

Have you received "vacation memos" and "stock tips" on your company fax machine? Does you fax machine spew out junk advertising? You've probably seen the stack of sleazy fax advertisements by your company fax machine.

These are typically calls from telemarketers autofax programs. Autofax dialers can produce, store, and dial telephone numbers using a random or sequential number generator. Often, they dial every number in a sequence, hoping that some are valid and they will connect to a fax machine.  Once they make a connection, they log the number as a valid fax machine so they can send even more junk faxes and fax scams.

Below are links to examples of these scams and junk faxes. See this page for what you can do to stop them!

Junk Faxes

Fax Scams

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See this list of frequently asked questions, direct from the FTC.

And please let us know about any suspicious calls or emails you receive.  We look for patterns so that we can alert the authorities and victims to new scams, before it is too late!




For a comprehensive list of national and international agencies to report scams, see this page.