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Job and Recruiting Scams:
FGV Industries Corporation, the UK
Luisa Branum

Have you received an email from Luisa Branum of "FGV Industries Corporation" in the UK (or ANYWHERE else) offering you a job as a "Assistant to Account Manager or Data Entry Operator"? But oddly, they require you to pay the "courier company" to send documents, visa's or other items, or cash a large advance check and send some of the money via Western Union? 

At some point in the scam, you will either:

  • be asked to send money via Western Union to pay a fee or
  • you will receive a very authentic looking check, which will later turn out to be a forgery, after you have sent part of the money from the check via Western Union to the scammer or elsewhere.

It is an AFF / Money transfer Scam.  They'll send you counterfeit checks which you are supposed to deposit, take out some amount, and then MoneyGram or Western Union wire the remaining 90%. There's a reason for this: Western Union and MoneyGrams are cashed immediately and are untraceable and irretrievable. Bank checks can take 1 or 2 weeks to clear!

Of course, since the check is fake, it will bounce a week or so later after you deposit it.  But you have already moneygram'ed the scammers the 90% of the amount, and that is transacted almost instantly.  So you now owe the bank for the full amount. You may also face criminal charges for passing counterfeit checks. See this page for a step-by-step explanation of how the scam unfolds.

In the email below, there are some many red flags, we can't imagine any way it could be legitimate.  Any time any potential employer asks you to send money via Western Union, IT MUST BE A SCAM. No legitimate company would transfer money this way.  They will all have access to a more secure bank wire or direct deposit method.

Other clues that this is a scam are:

  • The correspondence contains very odd phrases, strange syntax, poor spelling, poor grammar, capitalization and punctuation.  Clearly not written by an educated business professional.
  • The emails are sent OR replied to from a free email account (yahoo, hotmail, gmail,,, etc.) not a company domain address.
  • There is no verifiable company physical address and phone number
  • There is no company website or it is clearly shoddy and unprofessional

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Any highlighted passages in the actual scam email below are to draw your attention to clues (the highlighting itself was not present in the original email).

Sample Job Recruiting scam email:

From: Luisa Branum <>

Date: 6 December 2012 12:49:12 GMT

Subject: Information and application from FGV Industries Corporation (06 December 2012)


06 December 2012


FGV Industries Corporation


Here is the detailed information about this vacancy.


If you are interested please fill out  the "Application form" and send the application  by email.


P.S The application must be completed in full detail and must be signed Our manager will call you within 1-2 working days.



Sincerely ,  Luisa Branum

HR Departments ,  FGV Industries Corporation



Job Application Form






This Application Form shall be considered as a Training Course Agreement between you (hereinafter is referred to below as 'Applicant') and FGV Industries Corporation  (hereinafter is referred to below as 'Company') "we", "our" or "us" as appropriate.


This Agreement describes rights and responsibilities for both Parties in the context of providing services for the


training course.

                     (position applied)






General Terms and Conditions of the Training Course Agreement:



1.1. Applicant is liable to:

1.1.1. Follow the provisions of the present Agreement 1.1.2. Provide and confirm the following data: Legal status of residence in the country. Bank account valid for accepting payments from company side for the job and money for the training courses. Telephone number available to be contacted by the Senior Manager.

1.1.3. Devote 2-3 business hours per day of free time to be spent for training courses.

1.1.4. Receive money on his/her account for the following purposes: salary, money for the training, payment for taxes and fees to Employee from Company.

1.2. Company is liable to:

1.2.1. To follow all the provisions of the Agreement.

1.2.2. Starting salary is '520 per week (full -time) and '420 per week (part - time), paid in biweekly installments by your choice of check or direct deposit.

1.2.3. Performance Bonuses: Up to three percent of your annual gross salary, paid quarterly by your choice of check or direct deposit. The training period wage shall amount '300 for 10 training days, '30 for each training day.

1.2.4. To provide Employee with all company benefits during the training period.

1.2.5. To advise Employee on all questions related to cooperation during the duration period of the Agreement as stipulated herein.

1.3. The Parties bear responsibility for non-performance or inadequate performance of their liabilities in the context of the present Agreement in accordance with the governing law of the UK and with respect of the provisions of the present Agreement.







2.1. Neither Party shall be liable for any delay or nonperformance of any provision of the present Agreement due to force majeure circumstances arising after the date of conclusion of the Agreement.

2.2. The following circumstances shall be acknowledged as force majeure events: fire, explosion, flood or other natural and industrial catastrophe; terror; warfare; strikes or labor difficulties; other unforeseen or precluded circumstances preventing the Parties to follow their liabilities stipulated by the Agreement.

2.3. The Party shall notify the other as promptly as practicable, but no later than 3 (three) working days of the occurrence of a force majeure event herewith. Failure or the delay to notify the other Party of force majeure events shall not release the Party from its liabilities hereunder.










First                Middle                     Last


Date of Birth:


Nationality / language skills


Present address

Number          Street               City       Postal Code


Home phone:    


Available on the phone from                     (AM/PM) till                     (AM/PM)


Cell phone:    


Available on the phone from                     (AM/PM) till                     (AM/PM)


 E-Mail address:    


How many hours can you work weekly?             When available for work?


Employment desired         FULL-TIME ONLY             PART-TIME ONLY                    FULL- OR PART-TIME



On this account you will receive money for the training course from the 'Company' and training wage (daily or weekly). All given information is strictly confidential and will not be shared with any third parties.

If you don't want to provide your own account information, just open a new one personal account and provide us with new account information.


Holder Name


Bank Name


Account Number


Sort Code Number



After first part of the training in e-Commerce Services for payment systems I will be available to meet my manager face to face in my local area for the second part of the training. Facsimile and E-mail signatures are as effective as originals.




FGV Industries Corporation.                                                                         Employee



Brian L Rhoades                                                                                    ______________________        


FGV Industries Corporation

If you would like to know more about our company, please visit our site


FGV Industries Corporation registered office  101 Park Ave # 17   New York, NY 10178  are authorized and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. Company is registered in USA with company registration number 52309482.


Our company is specialized in financial services, such as: fund management, investments, lending of funds, financial customer services and others.

The company has subsidiary enterprises in: USA, France, Japan, Spain, Germany.



We are hiring people from UK for all the positions listed below.



Information about the Position

Please find below all the information about vacant positions:


All positions are considered as Full Time and Part Time job


Position   Duties     Working hours

           Full Time  Part Time

Assistant to Account Manager    Assistant to Account Manager - Responsibilities and Duties

Reporting directly to the Account Manager, the assistant will be part of  a team responsible for selling and managing the complete range of organisation products and services. The Account Manager is responsible for implementing the company's sales and marketing strategy, identifying and qualifying leads while consistently closing business  in order to meet or exceed their sales quota.

Qualified candidate should be able to accurately and on a timely basis document sales and customer service activities, and process appropriate paperwork.  As employee development is essential, responsibilities and job function may expand and evolve proportionate to the employer's needs.

     Monday to Friday

(09.00 ' 18.00) 3,5-4 hours during the day



Data Entry Operator  Data Entry Operator - Responsibilities and Duties

'    Compile, sort and organize data to be entered into the databases or electronic files.

'    Input text and data from documents into spreadsheets, -databases or electronic files.

'    Input all sensitive data and accounting information into the databases and electronic files.

'    Pay attention to details and input data correctly and accurately.

'    Crosscheck and verify data keyed into the databases for accuracy.

Correct incorrectly entered data.

'    Maintain and update workflow record regarding work completed and work pending.

'    Assist other administrative staff in filing, xeroxing, typing and other tasks as necessary.   Monday to Friday

(09.00 ' 18.00) 3,5-4 hours during the day





All employees get the same basic package of benefits, listed below:

'    Annual leave and public holidays

'    Pension and bonus schemes

'    Employee Development and Assistance Program

'    Help for parents going back to work

'    Sick leave

'    Compensation for all purposes related to the job: Internet, cell phone, training, bank fees and taxes

'    In the future, after raising the level of skills, there is a possibility of having business trips to different countries (all the expenses, including abode, traveling expenses and travel allowance, are paid by the company).



Before you start to work you should pass a free 10-days training course to practice with company's software and several financial services to be prepared in future to perform your responsibilities for these positions. The company will provide Online Education Training. The training course is online except 2 personal meetings with company's managers in your city on the 3rd and last training days. The local manager will receive all your practical and theoretical results before the first interview.

- You don't need to attend seminars, lectures etc. and pay for the training course.

- You don't need any special education.

- You don't need to buy any special equipment, just use your computer and internet connection.

- You don't have to travel far for practicing, just use the nearest locations.


We are providing Electronic Commerce System Training for you absolutely free. There are no hidden costs. The course lasts 10 days and will be started within 1-3 working days after you fill out your application form and send us an e-mail confirming when you will be ready to start.


You will be paid during the training course daily.


The training period wage shall amount &#8356;30 for each training day.

2 hours training day, &#8356;15.00 per hour ' you will receive &#8356;300 for 10 training days.


Distant Training is a validate and flexible way for you to pass training course in the comfortable for you time and in the nearest possible place.

Our interactive distant training courses are detailed-guided trainings that reinforce lessons with interactivity, assignments and self-test.

We know how to help our employees to achieve the best results, as their skills will determine our future success.

The practicing is very important part of each educational process, and we offer you the training process that will lead you to high-paid home based job.

We continually encourage employees to enhance their skills and knowledge, and have created a learning process focused on providing new opportunities for growth and professional development.


Your training wage can be deposited to an account at any bank of your choice.


After you successfully finish the training courses, you become a company's employee and will get a certified specialist. You'll be able to switch to office job without changing your responsibilities as soon as company opens an office in your city. For the present we are opening offices in London, Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, Nottingham and Leicester.



Should you accept this offer, your annual gross starting salary will be:

'27,000 for the Assistant to Account Manager

'21,960 for the Data Entry Operator


Starting salary is '520 per week (full-time) and '420 per week (part-time), paid in biweekly installments by your choice of check or direct deposit.

Performance Bonuses:  Up to three percent of your annual gross salary, paid quarterly by your choice of check or direct deposit. The training period wage shall amount '300 for 10 training days, '30 for each training day.


During the training period you will be paid daily.






If you are interested in the position and ready to start working, please fill out the attached employment application and send it in reply to our company's e-mail address.  You can fill it out on your PC or print it out and fill it by hand (in that case please write block letters; illegible applications may be excluded from consideration).

You will be contacted by a company manager within 1-2 working days. You can start the training course within 1-3 working days after signing the application.





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