Job and Recruiting Emails: PromoGroup

Job and Recruiting Emails: PromoGroup

Have you received an recruiting email like the ones below, claiming to be from

  • Jim Moon
  • Others at "PromoGroup"?

We have yet to hear from A SINGLE PERSON who has received a job through them.  If you have received a job through PromoGroup or the others above, or have anything positive to say about them - PLEASE WRITE US! So far, all we have seen is very suspicious, at best.


According to at least one website, a man using multiple aliases, most commonly variations of Difrawi or Defrawy,  is behind many of these fake jobs emails.  See this page for more information:

We can not independently validate these accusations, but they certainly are prevalent on the internet. ( ) and others ( )  also identify this "Defrawy" as a kingpin of porn and jobs scams. If this is the case, we have to wonder why the FBI hasn't arrested him?

We will continue to investigate and report what we find.

Do you have a resume posted online? We'd like to hear from you about your experiences recruiting emails that turned out to be scams or misleading - click here to write us.. We suspect these are possibly a new wave of identity theft attacks.

Note: There ARE legitimate recruiting and employment firms on the internet, and some with very similar names to those above.  We recommend you check any company out before you give any personal information to them.  If they do not have a posted address and phone number, or don't answer the phone, don't give them any personal information! The legal recruiters will be happy to give you contact information, return calls and act in the open!

What to do, if you DID fill out their form:

Report it to the following government agencies:

Below is one of these suspicious emails received by our staff:

Dear John ,

The resume you posted on the Web caught my eye recently, and your qualifications mark you as someone who has the potential to excel as a Marketing-Director. PromoGroup, a one-stop resource that helps organizations tailor their business plans to the unique needs of their markets, is currently looking for a candidate like you to fill one of our positions.

PromoGroup is seeking applicants who have strong written and verbal communication skills, two years of marketing experience in an online environment and a bachelor's degree in marketing or a related field. A proven track record of developing and executing successful brand strategies is essential. Our Marketing-Directors are responsible for developing the PromoGroup brand, establishing strategies to meet organizational objectives and overseeing all advertising and promotional activities. They also have to evaluate market conditions, customer research and competitor data, then implement plan changes as needed.

PromoGroup's Marketing Managers are compensated with a highly competitive salary ranging from $60k-$80k annually based upon their qualifications and experience. Bonus plans are also in place that could double their base salary. Benefits of this position include Medical, Dental and Vision Plan, Paid Vacation, Structured Bonus Plan and a company Expense Account.

If you'd like to further discuss this opportunity at PromoGroup, please click on the link below and fill out the online application. If the link doesn't work, you can copy the address and paste it into your browser to go to the webpage.

You can expect to hear from me one or two business days after I receive your online application. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Thank You,

Jim Moon

I do not wish to be considered for future employment.

Other Jobs Scams

There are a variety of sleazy scams that look, at first glance, like legitimate job offers.  Before you write back to them, pause a moment and read about the scams below!

Some of the more common job scams are

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