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Have you received an recruiting email like the ones below, claiming to be from

  • Samantha Murray
  • Others?

We have yet to hear from A SINGLE PERSON who has received a job through them.  If you have received a job through USA Careers or the others above, or have anything positive to say about them - PLEASE WRITE US! So far, all we have seen is very suspicious, at best; and is most probably an attempt to get as much information about you to sell to sleazy marketers.


Do you have a resume posted online? We'd like to hear from you about your experiences recruiting emails that turned out to be scams or misleading - click here to write us.. We suspect these are possibly a new wave of identity theft attacks.

Note: There ARE legitimate recruiting and employment firms on the internet, and some with very similar names to those above.  We recommend you check any company out before you give any personal information to them.  If they do not have a posted address and phone number, or don't answer the phone, don't give them any personal information! The legal recruiters will be happy to give you contact information, return calls and act in the open!

What to do, if you DID fill out their form:

Report it to the following government agencies:

A victim wrote to us about this scam on January 31, 2008:

This is the first recruiting scam I have had happen to me, so I did not know what to expect. I found it strange when the job descriptions were vague and they were considering me for an HR position with no HR experience. I also found it strange that they went by three different companies that all directed me to Career Network. It was also strange that their timelines were in eastern time but they are located in St. Louis, MO. That is when I googled them and found this website. I do not know if you have information on the next email they send to you after you apply for the job (maybe I am the only idiot who did). Here is copy of the next email received after applying for the job. I received two emails like this, the other company name was Employment Select.

Here is the first email the victim received:


"USA - Careers - Manager of Events " < >


<your name> , In Regards to an Restaurant/Hospitality/Retail employment offer and the Resume you posted online


29 Jan 2008 14:44:33 -0500

Dear <your name> ,

I'm looking for a qualified candidate to fill a job vacancy with one of my top clients. I believe you might be a perfect fit. Your previous experience in the administrative field listed on your electronic resume is just what my client is seeking. I would like to invite you to apply for the position. Some information regarding the vacancy is listed below.

Manager of Events
$38400-$46600 annually

To access a detailed description of this position or to apply, please click on the link or copy and paste it into the address bar of your browser.

Once your application has been received and processed, one of our human resources representatives will contact you to review your information and set an appointment for an interview. Please allow up to three business days to be contacted.

Greg Munson
Sr. Recruiter, HR Division

Take_my_name out of future_employment_considerations.


And here is the response she received after filling out their form on the scam website:


Subject: Regarding your application for the Manager of Events position.

Date: 30 Jan 2008 06:37:44 -0800

    Our Human Resources Department recently received the online application you submitted for the Manager of Events position with USA Careers . Their review of your application has led them to conclude that you meet the initial requirements for employment in this position. They have forwarded your application to be considered as a potential candidate for the Manager of Events position.

If you still wish to be considered for this position you may visit the website at the following address:

Upon opening the application page you will be prompted to enter a login id. The following login id may be used to access the site:


Password: Susan

Once you have logged into the site you will be asked to verify any information that we currently have on record. Please assist us in expediting your application by supplying any additional required information in the fields provided. You will be contacted directly by a member of our Human Resources staff once we have received and reviewed you final application.

Best Regards,

Samantha Murray Human Resources

Other Jobs Scams

There are a variety of sleazy scams that look, at first glance, like legitimate job offers.  Before you write back to them, pause a moment and read about the scams below!

Some of the more common job scams are

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